Alkali: SorryMature

I caught her before she hit the ground.

" Well sorry for this your not looking to well so I'm going to go ahead." I said walker her to a chair.

" If I find out her whereabouts I will come get you so you can catch her. Okay." I said smiling.

" Alright." She replies 

" Good I'll see you in a bit." I said running out the of the front door of the school.

"Small brained isn't nice  to call you galaxy's Eveline." I said wondering if she could hear me. 

I run to my house and drop my bag off. I also immedaitly left before my mom noticed I came home. Memories where still rushing into my head. So far none that had anything to do with teleporting but mostly to do about manipulating time. 

"I hate childish super games." I say out loud walking through blocks.  

I walked until I came to the main part of the city I see the tallest skyscraper, and smiled she's not there but it was a damm good hint.

The End

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