Amethyst: I think...Mature

I blinked rapidly as Eveline dissapeared. I rubbed my temples, which were aching again.

"This Alex guy must either hte you alot, or really likes you. Aither way, he's tryin to catch your attention, and not anyone else's." said Alkali slowly.

"How do you know about Alex?" I asked, shocked. I then shook my head. "Don't answer that. I said gloomily. Maybe he had caught a snippet of the drama in the art classroom, or that all my thoughts were on Alex.

"So...we're....speacial?" I said, lighting up a bit. Alkali gave a nod.

"She's so cheeky."

"Next time, I get to catch her." I smiled, then grimaced as the pain started again. "Shit. My head's gone woozy."

"I think... I'm going to faint." I murmured, swaying a little.

"Want me to catch you if you do?"

"If you want." I said dreamily, before falling.

The End

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