Eveline: Catch me if you canMature

I stepped back them and smiled.

"I have a game" I say calmly. Something like realisation flashes in there eyes and they tense. "Catch me if you can"

Then jump but I've already fazed through six bookcases.

"Shit...... wait how did I know what to do?" Alkali says confused.

"We don't have time to think about that" Amethsyst shouts.

They run round the bookcases to find me sitting on the ledge of the window.

"Your worse than last time" I laugh.

"Last time?" Alkali mutters. Amethyst ludges and I vault her head and she collide with the wall.

"Owwww" me and Alkali say in unison. Amethsyst gets up rubbing her head.

"Get her" she shouts, then I realise that Alkali is right next to me...... and I wasn't consentrating.

He grabs my wrist and I look up at him shocked then smile. I look at the clock.

"4 minutes 3o, sorry no new record" I say shrugging.

"Will you answer our questions now?" Amethsyst says.

"I can only answer question put forth by him" I say nodding at Alkali.

"Cause I was the one who caught you" Alkali mummurs.

"And I get to play this game two more times" I say smiling.

"Why do you wear those glasses?" Alkali demands.

"Get straight to the point why don't you" I mutter. I reach up with my free hand considering Alkali is still unconciously holding the wrist of my other one.

I remove my glasses to show the flashes color of my eyes behind them.

They both gasp and Alkali hand moves to hold my hand.

"Next question" I say.

"What are the Galaxy's?" Amethsyst asks. I raise an eyebrow and she sighs getting Alkali to say it

"The Guardians elite force... my elite force"

"So your the Guardian?" Alkali says.


"What is the Guardian?"

"A being created to hold darkness at bay, whose is has been reborn three times now with her Galaxy's. She also has every power at her finger tip.... aka mine" I wave them slightly.

"What are the Galaxy's for?"

"To protect the Guardian, fight with the Guardian and all that Jazz. They all have different abilities but they don't seem to understand why half the time"

"You like being cheeky don't you?"

"Everytime" I say smiling. "Has you little brain began to remember?"

"Sort of" Alkali says raising an eyebrow.

"Great when you do remember you'll be able to find me" I hold up a hand waving. "Chow"

Then I teleport probably leaving Amethsyst and Alkali dumbfounded.

The End

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