Alkali: ProcessedMature

I finished the math only 10 minutes after Eveline. 

" There you go Mr Georges. Hope you don't mind If I leave." I said walking to the door.

" Next time no outburst, Alkali." The teacher said

" Yes , sir." 

As soon as I left the classes I headed for the libary. Images flashing through my mind this time making sense  and I began to understand. I wasn't normal Niether was Eveline, and 4 others who go to this school.  After I processed all the images I momentarily felt sick. Then the statment came up. " There is a space beside you." The memory of her voice.

What does that mean. I understood a fair bit but that still had made no sense.  I entered the libary doors and there was that girl from earlier.

" What are Galaxy's, and what a gaurdian is?" She said demanding answeres.

" You can be a little quieter about or you might sound crazy." I said quietly

The girl quieted down.

" I know a little about what it is going on here but i'm still missing some information. Wait let me rephrase that. Have missing gaps in my memory." I said

The End

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