Eveline: Not sayingMature

"Not Saying" I tease smiling. Boy, this was fun...... but I also wanted him to work it out. I tap my pen on the paper working each question out in five second when they're meant to take at least 45 second each.

But being super human comes in handy.

She's finding not telling me fun, his thoughts whisper.

"I think saying I'm finding this fun is an understatement" I say.

He stares at me shocked and I just continue on the work. The teacher begins to head up so Alkali quickly consentrates on the work.

"Did you really just read my thoughts? That's impossible" He whispers.

"No, its improbable" I say finishing the last question and turning to face him.

He looks at me confused but I put my hand up.

"Yes Miss Eveline" the teacher says.

"I've finished" I say, shock appears on his face and everyone turns to look at me shocked as well even Alkali.

"But.... but you can't have.... that's to quick. Answer to 24?"

"X = 45n - 65" I say calmly.


"54.009 x 45.99 = X"

He stutters and looks at me shocked.

"Those are correct" he chokes out.

"Told you I'd finished.... and I didn't even have to look at the page" I say smiling.

"Well, you can leave" he mutters.I get up and walk to him at his desk. He scribles on a piece of paper and shoves out at me. "Go to the libary and study"

I nod then begin to walk out looking at Alkali one final time whose looking straight back. Just Improbable, I whisper to his mind and I watch his eyes widen.

I leave and go straight to the libary handing my note to the libarian who looks at me shocked before gesturing for me to go a study.

I go to the astronemy section and hear her voice. "That girl finished Mr Georges lesson already" the libarian whispers.

"Really?" I look round to see the source of the voice to be a female teacher, I could have juset sensed her but I couldn't be bothered even though its quicker.

They look away from staring at me and walk off in seperate directions getting themselves bizzy with something.

Maybe schools not so bad, I think turning back to the shelf and smiling.

The End

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