Alkali: ImagesMature

When she makes eye contact with me images of all types flash into my mind only to fast to make any sense out of it. Out of the images I saw her face was in them.

" Do I know you?" I aske she tried to keep  hide smile but it was futile.

" No why."

" You ..... It doesn't matter." I say

" I'll See you at Maths." She turns around.

" How do you know?" I shout at as she walks away.

"You have fourth period, and there's a space beside you." She says

There a space beside me? Well there lots of answeres on that one yes there is space beside me but it is also filled by air meaning the space isn't complety empty. Which was irrelvant. What does she mean? Why is she so familiar? Did she just confuse me? Yes. I hate being confused. I put the science book in the bag. I will find out what she means.  Space is a place of 3 dimensions and can be empty or full or it can also mean outside the atmosphere of earth where theres only planets , stars , moons , and other pieces of rock.

The statement still nagged me till fourth period. 

I sit beside Eveline and ask her quietly " What do you mean there's a space beside me. We are surrounded by space filled by air , and other objects."

she giggled.

" Figure it out yourself."  She said.

Her face brought more images out from head. I close my eyes trying to understand the flashes. My fist clench as if I was trying to hold one of the images for more than a half a seconf.  A thought floated through my head Alkali your not normal. I opened my eyes.

" This wierd but I know you somehow , and you can't say that you don't know me." I say to her still unsure about everthing.


The End

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