Eveline: First boyMature

"Hey" I shout. The boy jumps nearly losing his grip on his book. I sensed him on the way out and when I spotted him in the field thought I'd take a closer look.

The first boy.....Yay!

"Uh, Hi" he mutters staring at me shocked. "Why are you wearing glasses?"

God always the first question most of the time.

"Cause I want to, my name Eveline" I say holding out my hand. He takes it in a firm grasp.

"Alkali" he says calmly.

"What like the Alkali metals in the periodic table?" I say raising an eye brow.

"That's right" he says. I meet his eyes and get the shock of my life.

They look like they can pierce the future which I know from past experience..... they can.

But not only do they look through time but they can also manipulate it.... well thats how it was last time.

"Well... what you reading?" I ask suddenly. He looks down to his book and I take a deep breath.

"Just a science book" he says looking back up. "Do I know you?"

"No.... why?" I say trying to wipe the knowing smile off my face.

"You..... doesn't matter" he shakes his head and I feel slight un happiness.

He was always the first to remember cause his power with time and knowledge, maybe even slight love, of science.

But he seems not just apperance different but personality different from his last life....... more dangerous which actually makes me feel happier cause that might mean he's more daring.

"I'll see you in Maths" I say turning.

"How'd you know that?" he calls. I turn but walk back getting further away.

"You have Maths fourth period and theres a space next to you" I smile then run off maybe leaving him slightly confused.

The End

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