Eveline: The QuestionMature

Okay, Art went well till Amethsyst collapsed screaming. I felt the pulse of energy that attacked her and raced over to her. I got there just before anyone else in time to place my hand on her forehead and creating a mental shield throwing Alex's power attack out of her head.

Then I got the teacher to allow me to take her to the nurses office. I sat with her through third period but the Nurse made me go to lunch.

Then I was slightly glad when she came up requesting to talked to me. I walked calmly across the field to a tree then turned leaning back against it.

"So?" I say simply.

"Whose Alex?" She asks.

"Some one you don't want to meet. Try and ask again?" I say smiling.

"You're waiting for a certain question?" she says confused.

"Of course" I walk up to her. "And until you find the question I will answer non of your others"

Then with that I walk round her. "Why do you always wear those glasses?" she shouts.

I smile and continue to walk. The question...... Who are you and who am I?

Ha, its such a simple question yet I bet it will take her a while for her to work it out.

The End

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