June: I'm so hungry!Mature

I loved lunch time, it was the only time in school all five of us were together, me, Lydia, David, Ali and Bryan.  It was nice sitting together as a group, we had fun.

Eveline was hanging around to lunch hall with her tray, I waved her over.

'Do you want to sit with us?  You were looking a bit lost.'

'That would be lovely thanks.'  She squeezed in next to me.

'OK guys this is Evelyn, she's new.'  I could see Bryan's eyes light up so I kicked him under the table.


'Is there a problem Bryan?'  I looked pointedly at him so he got the message.

'No everything's fine.'  He knew better than to mess with me, I might look small but I'd been taking self defence classes for years so I knew how to fight.

I think Eveline was starting to settle in to our friendship group when a girl I recognised as Amethyst came up and began talking to her.

'I need to talk to you NOW!'

'Hey don't be so harsh, she can talk to whoever she wants.'  Eveline obviously brought out my protective side as I would never have picked a fight with Amethyst before, but maybe that was because I had nothing against her before.

The tension rose until Eveline stood between us and said, 'I'll talk to Amethyst, I should be heading for my next lesson anyway.'  She picked up her tray and started to leave.  'It was nice having lunch with you.  We should do it again sometime.  I'll see you soon.'

And she was gone.

The End

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