Alkali: HaMature

I sat in a desk fidgeting my fingers was this thing going to end. Stupid lectures about Atoms and how electrons are the key to mixing atoms in ion compounds etc.  It was review and review bores me to no end.  I soon as the teacher handed the assingment i finished it in 5 minutes. 

" Teacher can I go now?" I ask politly trying to retain my anger from having to sit in a boring lecture he knows I could have done without. 

" You really live up to your name Akali in this subject." He joked. Yeah my parents named me after Alkali metals. The highly reactive ones on the periodic table.

" Sir that doesn't answer my question." I said.

" Yes you can  leave for lunch early, Alkali." He finaly answered.  I swear he loves to just say my name.

I left the school ready to meet those punks who we're punching my younger step sister Sven.

" Stupid skids no one hurts sven just cause she has a guys name." I rant on the way down to the park. 

" So isn't  goody goody  two shoes 16 year old skipping school?" The first one sneered.

" Aren't you a little old to be picking on 10 year olds? Man  you must have a low self esteem scum bag." I replied.

I see his face twitch with anger his fist curl into a solid red ball. 

" Your pretty talkative pipsqueak."

This usually didn't bother me when people call me short, but this guy didn't have the right to call me short.

" Ha, Pipsqueack your'll regret calling me that."  I said calmly

" Bring it then."

" No ladies first." I replied pushing his buttons.

" Shut it." He yelled charging me with one fist.

Stupid I grab is fist and direct his wieght down to the ground , and tripping him at the same time. He smacked his face on the ground.

" Do you want to know whats its like to get punched when your down?" I ask 

He only looked at me as if it was fluke that he was on the ground.

I'm slug him in the face and he was out cold. His friends just ran off afterwards.

So I am pretty short for 16 year old born in september 3'rd. But I make up from being short with my so called natural inteligence as the teacher call it, and also in my broadness.  I have greyish blue eyes that everyone thinks pierce the future. Nothing can pierce the future I correct them.  I like to keep my light brown hair at eye length so I don't get so many remarks about my eyes.  I walked back to the school slinging my bag.

The End

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