Eveline: Three down.... two boys to go.Mature

I sat next to another Galaxy and I think she was also aware of the link. The girl from last night came in and looked at me strangely but unfortunately the teacher came in at that moment so she had to sit down.

Then ten minutes through the lesson another Galaxy comes in. God, we have all three girls in about 12 hours..... Now, where are the boys.

I check the rest of the class but could find no sources but I could feel them close they deffinetly went to this school.

The teacher begins to continue on his talk about something and I can't be bothered to listen so I pretend to until the bell goes.

I jump out off my seat and I'm out of the class room before you could say 'go'.

I hear the tap of feet behind me and someone grabs my arm. I turn to face Amethyst.

"Yes?" I say one hand on my hip the other hanging relaxed by my side.

"It was you I saw last night" she says her eyes narrowing.

"Of Course" I say smiling. "I said I'd see you again Amethyst"

Her eyes glaze over and I take the few second to get to my next class before the pause effect wares off.

I set the pause for five seconds which gave me enough to reach the door to the art block when she came running out of the main building.

I smile then rush to the art room I need to be in and Amethsyst comes in just as the teacher arrives giving her no time to get to the easel I took on the far side of the room near the window.

Maybe next time Amethsyst, I whisper into her mind and she looks at me shocked from across the room at another easel.

I should stop teasing her but its to much fun.

The End

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