June: ProtectorMature

I hated school, what was the point in it except as a place to see my friends.  I was standing in front of the mirror checking my appearance when Mum yelled at me.

'Time to go or you'll be late.'  I quickly put a brush through my toffee coloured curls, well as quickly as I could when they went down to my waist, put on a quick flick of mascara and eyeliner and was out the door with my books on time.  It was raining, as usual so I put up my umberella as I ran for my bus.

My tanned skin was very contradictory to the depressing weather.  I was fairly small and delcate, others had described my features as elfin but I think that was taking it a step too far.

I got there in time and took a seat at the back.  A fifteen minute drive and then I'd be at school.  I looked out the window at the passing boring houses.  My grey eyes stared back at me from the glass.  I couldn't wait for my birthday, 23rd June, it seemed so far away.  At the next stop David got on.  He was my best friend and about as camp as they come.

'I love what you're wearing today!  Is it new?'  He slid into the seat next to me.

'Yeah I got the top over the weekend.'  It was a tight-fitting, off the shoulder, long-sleeved, woolen jumper in red that fitted perfectly over my usual jeans and knee high boots.

We talked about our weekends, I didn't really have much to say.  I went to the same old parties and saw the same people, the same thing I did every weekend.

We got off at school and went straight to our first lesson, music.  One of my favourites.  It was the only good thing about my Monday morning.

'Hey babe, how are you?  Party Saturday night was great wasn't it?'  Lydia, my other best friend.

'Yeah it was.'  It had been OK.  We'd all drunk far too much, got wasted and staggered back to Lydia's to sleep off ur hangovers.  Her mum hadn't been too impressed.

At the desk on the other side of me a new girl sat down.  She looked confident and her hair was an amazing white.  She smiled at me.

'Hi, I'm Eveline.'

'Hey, I'm June, this is Lydia.'  I don't know whay but I felt drawn to her in some way.

'It's nice to meet someone.  I'm sure we could be friends.'

'Yes I think we will.'

The End

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