Eveline: One down four to goMature

I looked at the girl from first looks she was normal but with my extended sense I could see she was not.

A thin layer of power wrapped itself around her body. It was white showing what I expected, this was one of the new Galaxy's..... One of my elite force.

I smiled and I saw the look of confusement on the girls face while showing slight knowing.

"I'll be seeing you later Amethyst" I whisper knowing she would hear every word. Her eyes widen and I take off at a slow run..... well a fast sprint in human standards.

Amethyst tries to follow after me and I'd have to give her credit for trying. But no one can catch me with nearly every power at my fingertips.

I turn and corner and run straight through the left wall going into an abandoned building. I blink making my eyes able to see through the thick wall.

Amethyst looks around confused but still with that small look of knowing. She can't help me yet, she's not ready.

Her telepathys strong though..... maybe shes the old Tanya. Tanya had power over the mind. She could read minds, send thoughts to them, control them and even see into the future.

But like last time her powers have probably become bigger and wider ranged.

I walk out through the wall onto the main street avoiding the alley and running down the path.

This might be slightly harder then I thought. I can only let them join me once they realise the full truth but they seem to be trying to join me before that which is slightly worrying.

It means Alex is more powerful than I first thought........ that he's more of a threat. Oh, well just have to see what fate has in store for me this time.

The End

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