Just A Lonely GirlMature

I walked slowly through the dark streets. I looked up into the beautiful clear sky. I watched a shooting star, then something hit me. Not physically, but mentally. An image. A girl, maybe the slightest bit older than myself. She was beauiful. I tried to guess her name, but the only name I could think of was my own, and the name Eveline.

My name is Amethyst. I am 16 years old, and my birthday is the 16 april. I long, sleek soft brown hair that reaches he middle of my back, I hve slightly tanned skin, and my eyes are deep purple, like the crystal amethyst. My teeth are still gleaming white, and I have wo sharper teeth. I love vampires and super nateral stuff, thus people and I call myself Byte. Not the computer byte, but as in bite/eat. I just spell in B-Y-T-E. Coz I'm special.

I was wearing a pale purple tank top, and strechy but tightly fitted black trousers. I began to walk quicker, trying to think and find the source of the hit, the power. I saw a girl in front of me. I sent out large brain impulses, seeing if she was who I was senseing. She stopped, an turned to face me. A light breeze blew, running its fingers through her silvery white curls.

The End

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