The Future Wife

Its a story about my suspicion and outcome of my emotions. I have tried to make it grammatically correct.:)

Ya its true, in India parents fix the marriage of their child at the time of his/her birth. Mine was also fixed, her name was Chaya.

No they don't tell their child about his/her pre-fix marriage, but i got a hint about my future wife when i was 12 or 13. Chaya's parents are nice friend of my parents, and they used to visit my home with their daughter to keep their friendship and my unannounced relationship with their daughter warm and forever.

I have seen my future wife as a baby; I was 3 year old when she came into this world. Very few people get a chance to see their wife's birth (Yes, I remember Chaya's birth). When I was 12, I got a hint that my parents are fixing My marriage with Chaya.

I used to play badminton with my friends those days. one day, in the evening, when I was playing outside, I saw Chaya's parents coming my home. I went to home to meet Chaya (Until now I didn't knew that she is going to be my future wife), but I saw her  coming towards Me. 

"Hi Shiv", she greeted me. Her parents were in My home taking with My parents and she was outside with me. We get into the house after playing too much of badminton, and as and when we entered the house Chaya's father told to my father  "There comes a lovely couple".  

I didn't noticed those words at that time but I have a habit of thinking about the day in the evening, I do it daily, so when I was in my bed thinking about the day I noticed the words "lovely couple". just to confirm My suspect  started noticing the pair of parents and got sure about My pre-fixed marriage. After sometime My father managed a new house and I moved into my new house, now I rarely get a chance to meet Chaya.

Today when her parents came to visit my parents, I got a chance to meet her after a long time. she is now 15 or may be 16, and she was looking so awesome. She is a lovely girl with a good attitude.  I will not describe her beauty because that thing is private to me. (Sorry Friends:). when she came it was like .. i can't explain, i was feeling so uneasy to talk to her in front of her parents, though no one knows that i know she is my future wife. after a long time, i was talking to her, i remembered how we used to play badminton, watch TV, and all those funny things.. 

The End

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