Chapter 4Mature

Evening struck quickly. It wasn't dark just grim. Sam yawned.

"Bit early to get tired isn't it?" I mocked him.

"It's been a long day." He smirked.

Which, it had. I was woken early by gun fire in the distance. I'd quickly started the car and drove trying wake Sam at the same time.

He woke up groggily but knew he had to be careful, so crouched down in the foot well and held on to the modified handle I had attached to try and keep him safe. I swerved quickly and smoothly through the streets passing a car as it suddenly became engulfed by flames which rose high. I turned and shot down a small passage onto a country lane.

"It's alright now Sam but put your seat belt on." I told him.

He scrambled up and sat down, stretching his legs trying to stop the cramp. We laughed. A good laugh. A real laugh.

I saw a run down barn at the bottom of a field. We had breakfast there. I made a fire and warmed the can of mushroom soup over it. Shops were scarce as they are too dangerous to work in but we aren't fussy with what food we had just so long as we were fed.

Sammy and I may not look like much, him being 5ft 5 with badly cut brown hair and me 6ft 2 black hair but we were strong, I was well built and whilst Sam was still skinny, I could see muscles starting to form under his shirt. If the world was normal he would be very popular with the girls his age, after all he takes after me with his good looks.


The End

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