Chapter 3Mature

"Danny! I'm hungry!", Sam whined.

"There's a kit-kat in the bag. I'll cook us something when we get to a safer place.", I told him.

It's amazing that the world is flowing turbulently down the toilet and food is still mass manufactured. Money obssessed, self-obssessed, egocentric bosses who continue to make people work when they should be out defending themselves. I heard over the radio that 63 workers had been killed at a factory by three gunmen which could have easily been killed if the workers were prepared.

He scrabbled through the bag and greedily grabbed the chocolate. I heard the rustle of foil, a crunch and then Sam sigh in relief.

"Mmmmm!" He moaned.

"Good?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

"Of course. I love kit-kats." He grinned.

I smirked. Anything that can make him smile is good news because fun times are hard to come by nowadays. He isn't having a childhood. No fairgrounds, toys or Christmas. No football, friends or Easter. Hell, there is no religion any more. Everyone has given up on their God's and saviours and those who didn't, died.

I still tell my little Sammy stories of far away places filled with fun and exciting things. I tell him what the world was like and of all the beautiful things. It makes his bright blue eyes light up even if only for a short time.


The End

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