Chapter 2Mature

It all started about four years ago, My brother Sam was 6 and I was 15. The world just started falling apart. Governements were stopped, killed by protesters who disagreed with what they were taking from us. Without the governement funding different sectors, everything started going downhill. Doctors turned rogue and there was no need for policemen. Hospitals, houses and hand-outs started to disappear. The weak couldn't survive.

Me and my brother, we are strong. We were used to little health care and violence. We knew what it was like to have to sleep in the car because our parents wanted alone time. Sure, little Sammy may appear to get frightened but he still doesn't understand why we are all fighting, why people are attacking us and why his mum and dad are no longer around. Besides he only gets frightened by people attacking the car and it is all my fault. I failed as a brother but only once. I didn't get there in time.

There was two of them an older man, stocky and bald and a bloke who appeared to be in his early twenties, thin but rough. I'd gone for food and water and when I got back, they had already broken into the car. The back window was smashed and the door dented. They were dragging Sammy out by the back of his collar whilst he squirmed and tryed to spin just like i'd taught him but they were too strong.

I ran.

Faster than ever before, I was there in a few bounds on the older guy. He went down as I hit him with the butt of my gun. I spun and lunged at the younger man, he was beating Sam. I saw red. I hit and hit him until his face was just a bloody pool of flesh and brain.

I held Sammy for hours. I'm not sure what scared him more the men or my brute rage. He still has nightmares and wakes up screaming. It's not going to happen again. I vow that nobody else can ever scare him like that. I will protect him. I will look out for him. I am all he has left.

We are strong because our parents beat us, mistreated us. I suppose we should thank them for giving us the chance to survive in this chaotic world but I won't because the world wasn't like this then. They did it for fun. They found it funny to throw us against walls and hit us. I had always tried to help Sam not get hurt, i'd take a beating instead of him. I didn't want to see him in pain and I didn't want him to be scared. I would sleep in his bed with him so that if I heard someone coming I could hide him under the bed.

Sammy and I, we are heading for a safe place, or so I tell him. There is no such place but I need him to keep hoping because I will find somewhere, where I can be a proper brother and make a house and family for him. The world is slowly killing itself but once everyone else is dead we can rebuild it, just me and him. Sure we would have to find girls for the whole repopulating thing but not now. We are better with people we can trust. Better with each other. Safer.


The End

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