The Future of YesterdayMature

What we did yesterday has affected our future.

The prepubescent boy behind the counter who smelled of nicotine and sex handed back my change. I checked that he hadn't got it wrong whilst he glared at my mistrust. £1.13, he was right. He raised his eyebrows trying to make me feel bad. I didn't care. You can't trust anyone these days, doctors, policemen, hell, not even your own parents.

I walked out of the store. If that is what you could call this run down shed of a petrol station. It's windows were all smashed in, the graffiti lined walls with colourful language and shot-gun shells covered the floor. It was, however, the nicest place I had seen in a while.

Ugh. Another guy trying to break into my car. He was about 6ft with short brown hair which had clearly been trimmed by himself.  My brother stared out the back window waiting for me to rescue him. Again. Deciding that I could easily take this guy, I grabbed my pistol out of my man-made holster fitted to my jeans and walked casually towards the bloke.

"Having fun?", I asked, aiming the gun at his scarred head.

"Hey man, I don't want no trouble.", he said nervously.

"Then get away from my freaking car." I said sternly. I could see little Sammy crying in the back.

I took a few steps forward and he took a few back to compensate. He was scared but I knew better than to turn my back. 

"Keep going. Turn and run before I shoot you." I warned him.

"I-I, ok." He side stepped to the nearest tree and hid behind it.

"Pathetic!", I hissed.

I unlocked the door and grabbed Sammy into my arms.

"Hey, hey, it's ok. I will never let anyone hurt you. I promise." I cooed.

"I know." he whispered inbetween sobs.

I let him  sit in the front with me for the next few miles to help comfort him.

Our car was nothing special just a range rover which i'd tricked out to help us survive, but it was home. We never stopped anywhere for long so the only thing that we always had was our car. We slept, ate and played silly games in it when it was safe enough. It was the only thing with four walls and a roof that we could call our own.

The End

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