Janine and Ray what?!Mature

Peter: Well I better get back home to Dana.

(All say bye to Venkman)

(Egon goes to work in his lab and Winston goes downstairs and falls asleep)

Ray: Looks like i'm alone...again.

Janine: I'm still here Ray. Do you want to talk to me?

Ray: Sure. How 'bout we go upstairs and talk there?

Janine: Why?

Ray: It's more comfortable.

Janine: Okay.

(Ray and Janine start talking one thing leads to another)

Egon: Uh...Ray why is your hair messed up?

Ray: I don't know.

Egon: Hey Janine can I talk to you?

Janine: ( In a cheery bright voice) Sure.

(Egon stops and thinks for a second and then turns back to Ray)

Egon: You and Janine are acting very different this morning.

Ray: Okay Egon come with me.

(Ray runs to the bedroom and motions Egon to follow)

Egon: What?

Ray: Janine and I... let's say had a little fun last night or as you would say messed around.

(Egon is freaked out) Egon: OMG! (Egon runs out of the room)

(Ray justs stands there and starts to laugh)

Egon: Peter, Winston you'll never believe what happened.

Peter & Winston: What happened?

Egon: Ray and Janine made love.

Peter & Winston: Huh?

Egon: You know what I mean.

Peter & Winston: Oh... (Both become silent)

Peter: Well I guess he got his wish. (laughs)

Egon: What wish?

Peter: He said he wanted to start a family didn't he well maybe Janine is the one.

Egon: No way. You guys know that Janine has liked me from day 1.

Winston: Maybe she's moved on because you never took action.

Egon: I guess you're right. :(

Peter: It's okay Egon you'll find someone.

Peter & Winston: Bye. (Walk out of room)

Chapter 3 coming soon

The End

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