The Future of GhostbustersMature

My little version of Ghostbusters 3. I will try to make it the best I can for I always change things around a bit. Sometimes I come up with my own ideas and I also take some ideas for others that I like. Hope you enjoy it. :)

28 years later

Ah the Ghostbusters look like they are planning for their retirements let's take a look at what they have in mind.

Ray: I really want to start a family and move out to a farm in Ohio.

Peter: Since Dana and I are married now we are going to help out with Oscar's future.

Winston: I'm moving to Florida and maybe go and visit some of my family.

Egon: I've been offered a job at a science lab in Washington and I think i'm gonna take it.

Ray: Hey Janine.

Janine: What?

Ray: What are you gonna do once you get out of here?

Janine: Relax.

Ray: Oh cool. Same here.

Peter: Are you gonna be taking the Ecto-1 with you?

Ray: I can't drive remember my knees are weak and I had my left hip replaced last week.

Peter: Oh yeah oops I forgot. Well then who is gonna take Ecto-1?

Egon: I think we should sell it.

Peter: Sell it! Are you crazy?

Winston: I agree with Spengler we could make a lot of money off of this.

Ray: The more money the better our futures.

(All laugh)

chapter 2 coming soon

The End

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