The future is a cold place to store y thoughts

The ground was a cold as I was flung onto it by the men in the dark
suits. The first thing I noticed was the peculiarity of their eyes,
the way they shined in the light of the crescent moon. Rolling back
onto my feet, they made another advance towards me. I delivered a
strong kick to the chest to the first and started to crawl away, out
of the alley. Of course they followed me, they were determined to
know what I knew. What exactly did I know, let me start at the
My life was moderately uneventful until I discovered the secrets my brain possessed. You see, I was born with a gift, a simple natural talent that most men would die to have. I am a precognitive, meaning I can see things before they
happen. The thugs with the oozing green eyes that are chasing after
me, they are called droolers, as disgusting as that sounds they are
actually useful to the world, regardless if they are physically
different. They were hired by a man named Curtis Kane, the head of a
multinational corporation. He wasn't a precog, but that didn't mean
he didn't know things before they happened. He predicted I would give
him information should the opportunity present itself. Well, the
opportunity presented itself. It just happened outside of a bar in an
alley that few people walk in. Droolers have an interesting power,
their saliva burns like Sulfuric acid. Yeah they literally drool as
their power, why else would they be called droolers. Well, that
happens to be a useful torture device, when you are trying to extract
market secrets from a precog. Well, precogs don't choose what they
see, so this is problematic for people like Kane that only care about
the advancement of his company. So, I made up a few lies and was on
my way. Bad idea. 

 A week later, a government correspondent came to me with a contract. The Government comes to people with psychic powers and offers them off the record contracts as a part of there paranormal unit. Yes it actually exists, it was
created in the Reagan administration as a means of fighting the
secret war with the soviets. Secret war you ask, well it was secret
because nobody knew about it. The Cold War was actually one of the
hottest wars around. All of the fighting would be done in secret,
without any outside knowledge. Well back to this specific contract,
the Government correspondent offered me a deal for 150K if I could
track Hasan Mahdi, a known terrorist responsible for a bombing in
Kyoto, Japan. I accepted and began to build information off of their

The United States government passed a secret law that required all persons with extra paranormal powers to register to a secret code book, in a secret facility. Lots and lots of secrecy. Well I was brought to this facility after the contract
was accepted ( I had been twice before, once because of a contract,
once because of investigation of insider information.) and I had know
idea where it was. They do this probably because they want to keep
the building as secret as possible. Well it is a great facility for
people like me, because of their concentration room. It has special
neuro-transmitters that activate the chemicals in the Hippo campus
and the cerebral cortex, which together give precogs the tools they
need to see what hasn't yet occurred. Precogs, when fully emerged in
their thoughts, feel fresh. It is really hard to describe to someone
who isn't a precog, but imagine someone on antidepressants skipping
through a flower patch singing a jovial song. Depending on the
singer, it can be a pleasant sight. Well my mind was whirling quick,
I was ready to go. Then I saw me.

There is an unwritten law for precognitives about viewing your own life. Don't do it. Naturally as soon as I saw me, I watched carefully and for as long as I could. It
was fascinating seeing where I was going to be in tomorrows time,
seeing who I was going to talk to, a few old friends from high school
I ran into, awesome. Then, the Droolers. They had guns. And they were
pissed. Two in the chest, one in the head. I was shocked. I didn't
even put up a fight. Why had my death come so quick and pointless?
That is a question I wanted to find out. My new objective became not
helping the government capture a terrorist and getting paid, but to
try and salvage my life while I still could. Some say that the future
is already written, it just hasn't been played yet. Those are the
kind of people that die young. I feel that I am a Demigod, a true
changer of the future. That might sound a little conceited but oh
well. How else am I going to survive this shooting? Well I still had
to find the terrorist otherwise the government would just kill me. As
a part of the Sensor psychics act, psychics lost the rights to due
process and free speech. Does it suck, yeah, but really what am I
going to do about it? Protest?

Finding Hasan was not a difficult as most would assume. The underground terrorist movement ( as they were called now ) could be found in three major cities. Bagdad, Islamabad, and Kabul. From there I cross referenced the address and found his
locale before he was there. His extraction was at a small coffee shop
in Azerbaijan I believe. A cakewalk. Now back to the most pressing
matter. My safety. You would think a precog would organize things
better than a normal person. Well I don't organize things well
because I like to level the playing field. Either that or I am a lazy
bum that doesn't care. Either works for me. Well I found out while I
was in that special room that the droolers were only interested in
getting revenge for embarrassing there boss. That sounds easy to
amend right?

The End

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