The fury of a former citizen

The reserve big surprise in life, sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes terrible ...

                                  The fury of a former citizen

           Carlos has 28 years, Brazil, ambitious, intelligent and determined. Successful entrepreneur with a higher level in foreign relations and married to Julia, a beautiful girl of 25 years. Carlos has a great friend, Richard which entrusts everything to him, they are partners in business.
            Carlos unintentionally discovered an involvement of Julia with his best friend Richard, for a period of research the subject he threatened Julia strongly on the fact that not only confirmed kill Julia, but Richard and his family. After confirming the involvement of both, without thinking twice Carlos Hawk Hight took his 50 caliber silver, imported from Israel legally, because Carlos is legal to carry weapons, and have skills with weapons, Julia performs with accurate shot in the forehead, will then the home of Richard which is in the service, runs three members of his family, and calls Richard to learn of its location, is located in the center of the city and run it right there.
             Mission accomplished, it pays to the police. After months in jail already aware of their likely costs as much as 100 years in prison, awaiting jury Carlos popular.
Morning of Tuesday of the month of December, enhanced safety, Carlos comes to trial, he knows of his conviction, yet hired the best lawyer for his defense.

             Trial started, the jury also society in general people watching the trial closely. Carlos says internal security, two heavily armed police in the central door, one on each side of the Judge and two stuck it beyond the cuffs on the arms. Eventually the arguments of counsel, the tension increases Carlos has no output will be convicted, the judge interrupted the trial for a few minutes before the verdict is final, in a neglect of the police left, Carlos even handcuffed with their hands to the front draws 380 the police immediately and throw against the two policemen on the side and runs toward the judge Nicholas Nobrega Albim holding him hostage, forced the assistant justice open the handcuffs, the four policemen with guns still in hand looking for accurate target. Carlos hides behind the counter with the judge, always appearing to the court as shield. All buildings are, Carlos asked that the police drop their weapons, but they do not comply then he throws in clerk killing him, forcing the police to drop their weapons fearing a shooting where more innocent people die. Carlos ordered the police to bed, then forced a couple of audience collect the weapons, two guns, four 380 and two 12 caliber rifle. After collecting the weapons he throws against the police killing all causing distress to the public present. The police on the outside threat and invade it sends hinder the doors preventing any action of the police. Mark starts talking to the jury, asking those who think he should be condemned, no one is, ask who he thinks should not be condemned for having been wronged, three of nine people raise their hand, two women and a man. Marcos called for the front, says that only one out of three, he needs a person to be exchanged for water and food, as is already half a day. The three people start out wanting to discuss, Marcos said the stops will decide how, have to capitalize the clothes, they are speechless before the proposal, but, once observed that whoever is sending, you have two Coulter (machine gun) and two pistols 380 15 shots, then begin to take the clothes after that he ordered the two women do oral sex on man, right there for everyone, now he says the man to enter the penis in a women in front and behind, Marcos warned that man should have sex with the two without ejaculation, but the man can not resist the movement and ejaculated inside the woman's anus, then Mark is angry, the man is lying and tells women to make oral sex with each other , one of the women refused to do oral sex with another woman who has just received the ejaculation, so he tells you otherwise do it, it does everything. He approaches the woman who made the refusal and give her a kick in the face that blood begins to spurt, this time speaking with the police auto speaker on the outside, asking the surrender of Mark he dragged the injured woman by the hair up a window and climb it to coast to the police he says he wants to exchange it for water and food for 80 people, the dealer says that this amount will take a while to achieve, he suggests that the release and then they provide the supplies, Marcos says loudly that is well and throws the head of the woman who drops out at a height of 3 meters, after Marcos ordered the man who is lying naked in the window to climb in the same position of the woman and asks if already packed the supply, the dealer says yes, then it says will deliver a hostage if there is any disagreement that man dies. Women who gained freedom by obedience is bound naked out the window in exchange for supplies, the negotiator said that the supplies are already at the door, Mark said to be tied to be pulled through the window, he calls another man hostage for work and is in a strategic position to defend a likely invasion or rebellion, precisely what happens after the last package of supplies, says Marcos movement in the port that has become aware of obstacles attack, two police officers were pulled by men, but when you came window in the door had been forced to open, but there were many obstacles, Marcos already expected and opened fire killing the two hostages forcing police to retreat, while three men hostage attempt Marcos with a surprise attack each other, but he also opened fire on them , pointing the gun to the other and asks if anyone else has, requires a man and a woman will go to the window to get there Mark sends fire killing two hostages. He requires two men to pick up the bodies and play all the window, he tells the others lying on the ground to prevent rebellion. Mark tells the last six jurors to take their positions as the judge, the judge says to choose the jury that must die, the judge saying that stutter can not do it, Mark shoots from the audience to a man, the judge asked again, which of these should die? Nicholas Albim Nóbrega then decides that the redheaded juror must die. Mark runs to the jury and judge were in desperate tears, Marcos question now for the jury, who is in line with the death of the judge raises a hand, three raised their hand and Marcos run it immediately. Now Marcos ordered that all are naked playing only the clothes to one side and return to bed, but so did the assistant to the judge who is crying, a beautiful young 28 years, Mark goes to the couple and asked if she prefers to meet or die? The couple begins unclothe, blazer, blouse, skirt, leaving only the bra and panties, Mark says it continues, she takes the bra, he approaches her and touches her on the panties toying her, then puts his hand inside the panties of the young entering the finger in your vagina with some movement, then forces her to do oral sex on it with a trigger 380 at the head of the girl.Mark the places on a bench back for him and introduces his stick in the vagina of the young with violent movements, Mark goes to the audience and takes another woman by the hair put in the same position, and two women, then begins to switch the introductions, one hour, another hour, then repeating the process, but this time with anal sex to complete sexual intercourse with four women.
            The police speak through the megaphone on the outside, so Mark is delivered immediately, as the team tactics will invade in 3 minutes, Marcos ordered one hostage go to the window so that the police see and shoot in the head of the hostage as evidence that the invasion is wanting. As the police started the attack while Mark stands to funds heavily armed and have become the hostages standing in the door, he is at 20 meters of the hostages.
The new invasion force tactic starts this time in short, start popping the doors, enter the roof, the windows and shoot against the Marcos hostages drying the comb of Coulter, he pulls over and shoots against the police killing invading the roof in windows, but police still coming, not for Mark to come and still resisting it to another exchange for Coulter on suicide mission, as the police managed to enter a large number of police in court, then Mark comes out running towards the police firing gun and the police are doing it against him that is achieved with more than 200 shots dying right there. Among the hostages there are still many survivors and shot, and police killed and wounded. A real massacre mass. From 80 people only 11 survived the wrath of Mark Weber Oliveira, former citizen, not to mention the 17 officers killed in the confrontation which 5 died in hospital.
                The greatest tragedy in the quiet state of Maranhão, northeast Brazil, only the Rio de Janeiro to kill so many people in one day.

Note: This is a work of authorship itself, any similarity to names, real people or events have been mere coincidence.

By: Maurito Nunes - Brazil

The End

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