Chapter 1Mature

Alternate future based in london not far from now.
Science fiction !
Strong language
First 2 chapters only (to be continued)

Chapter 1

The Dreams

"If you try and imagine it, it will only confuse you, you have to see it for yourself!"

It's you isn't it? - Let me help you

As the old man crouches down to help me up, he looks into my eyes saying you don't have do this there is another way.
In a perfect world old man.
Do you really think I can turn back now? All you know about me is what you've seen today n today was a walk in the park.
Well young man when I found you, you where flat out in my ally way, can't have been easy getting away like that!
I see the entire ruckus you caused on the news.
Made a bit of a mess didn't I?
Lets just say London knows you now!

Where are we old man?

Look if your gona ask me stuff your gona have to use my name i'm getting tired of this old man shit !.
What do I call you? - My mum called me Frank!
Well Frank where are we?

He walks over to a small corner unit and turns on a lamp, the dim light slowly started to reveal my surroundings, I seem to be in a large room, smooth finish cold concrete floor and the faint smell of motor oil

Frank what is this place?

It's my workshop, well it used to be I haven't fixed a motorbike in here since 1993 but I own the place.

Frank... I need to get my pills!

I can feel myself starting to turn into the wild man again,
visions blurry

Frank my pills...

Loosing consciousness rapidly, the faint sound of police sirens in the distance is like a lullaby to me, they pose no threat while I am here,
Maybe the sleep will do me some good.

Getting to know me

September 12th 2006 daddy's been Posted to Iraq, lieutenant Oliver Grey,
the great war on terror or so they thought, more like the war for oil.
The British had been stationed in Basra to control the situation.

They had strong Intel from the Americans that the Taliban have access to chemical weapons and in this day n-age chemical warfare can be some nasty shit! Seeing as they didn't know which ones they where gona use, so they had to take a whole bunch of injections and vaccinations every few days just In case, The idea is to be prepared for any possibility and to direct the desired outcome, but the drugs they gave em where more like beta blockers and anti depressants, the troops had no fear but more to the point who was they to fear? The Taliban? As far as the British knew they where in the hills messing with the Americans.
My father was in a messed up unit, a disorganised bunch of fools proud to kill for queen and country I guess this is where I should show my appreciation for what they do, laying there lives on the line for the rest of us to live but fuck! that all they did was open Pandora's box!
3 years have past so far the big bad man was captured they found him hiding in a hole somewhere sweating like a slave, I guess his games done and this is the man they was told to be afraid of Mr bad man that don't take no shit, the man that would drop nukes on us in a heart beat, the man who had nothing! When the British got there they already knew he had no nukes, do you know what was more terrifying? Was when the British got to the playing fields all they found was charred remains of dead Iraqi's town after town all they did was clear up the remains so the camera crews didn't see that shit so we at home didn't get see that shit!. There still waiting for the chemical attacks, my father was popping different pills up to four times a week and for what! ? They made the troops take that shit for 9 years who knows what it's doing to them? But I know what It done to me.

The home coming

February 25th 2012. Daddies finally on his way home, his jobs done for now, All he knows is that he done his best and he's alive to say it.
The London home coming, something he'd been looking for, if not living for, was finally here.
Since he had been away his father had died leaving just his stepmother for a welcoming party.
Ms Isabella Francis Grey a push over of a woman, she never really knew how to handle my dad even as a little boy he was running rings around her, see my daddy was a bit of a hustler, never really held a proper job just made money off the saps on the streets, his speciality was cars he couldn't resist a beautiful car, in-fact every stretch he done was due to stealing cars, some people just don't learn.
I guess after war n shit finding work ain't so easy, there's not much else you know other then killing and that's no job!
It wasn't long be for he picked up where he left off, a nice Bentley caught his eye little did he know about the tracking chip neatly stashed inside, if I remember correctly he told me he managed to get about three miles before the police where on him, and that would cost him another eighteen months inside, at least he don't have to worry about a job now!
June 12th 2012 Brixton prison. By this time the government had the prison system pretty much sussed, they privatised the system, very little re-offenders mainly due to the way they keep the convicts heavily confined, they don't give them a chance to act up and go wild they are all kept on twenty four hour lock down every day, in their sells they are subdue to a kind of mind reprogramming, hooked up to a machine monitoring and correcting there behaviour patterns, its kind of like a computer game but in your mind, The system selects a constant group of choices based on your criminal background, Imagine your a serial killer!.
The system will keep putting you in a situation where you are able to kill, there is a safeguard built in the criminals never get to complete a murder kind of a ground hog day moment but with no remembrance of the reset, if you keep making a wrong choice which would result in a law being broken, you get to stay in the hell hole until you establish the fact that what your doing is wrong.
There has been problems though!
Some of the prisoners who undertake the mind correction and have came out, have came out to some serious issues, the mind after so long adapts to the program, confusing it to its reality, psychosis sets in,
Zero percent of re-offending, a criminal cabbage, well that's what they think at least.
And this is when my mum comes into the story,
Tessa Simmons she worked in the prison, she was one of the people that would monitor the machines that the prisoner is hooked up to.
It can't have been his looks but she took a shine to my father,
I remember her saying he would talk in his sleep whilst hooked up to the box, he would ramble on about the war and car jobs he's been on, quite a few times she had to cover his mouth, he would be very graphic, talking about jobs he hadn't even been convicted of,
She was his guardian angel.
Little did she know, she was being watched,
you see the warden isn't your usual warden he's been around a bit, done some work out in Asia and Russia so he's no push over!, The great General Robert Kliptero, a highly accomplished and tactile man applying military tactic's to a prison,
I got to hand it to him though, his way does work.
Now the warden has this building rigged up he's got cameras and mic's all over the place I'm talking in places you just wouldn't have a clue. he would even go as far as to bug the employees homes, call it crazy but he had his game tight, all of this being monitored deep within the prisons control.
Its no wonder employees have gone missing over the years, many rummers as to where they went but thats not important right now.

The general was planning something big! he's employed the services of a bunch of cut thought scientists all of which have been disgraced for gorse misconduct.
Nothing good can come from this

Now the general and these scientist have been involved in some real covert secret programme type thing
none of the employees have info on the project but they do know somethings going on. a lot of trucks bring in equipment and other things, kind of draws attention but hey who's gona tell? sure as hell not the guards.

september 2012 so far dads been in the box a good three months now, not even a scratch on his sentence has past and there are already signs of side effects, sweat palpitations, high blood pressure, crazed rambling, a lot of muscle twitching. The system must be putting him threw his paces, I wonder what cars he's being tempted with ? You see the system makes the experience as real as life it's self! With some added perks, the system has a way of patching into the parts of the Brain that controls memory, it suppresses all the relevant parts about your past so you would have no recollection of things like relationships, jobs, party's, evens your conviction, with conviction being the memory they don't want you to have! But they do want you to keep the bad bits like your drinking habit and your drug abuse, your wife beating trades. Everything inside the system is a program from the people you meet to the food you eat it's all just ones and zeros, subject to change via reprogramming.
The programme is set to run on a day to day basis for stage one, what that means is the person wakes up and would go about there normal day and seeing as they are career criminals there normal day means breaking the law at any opportunity, as soon as the law is broken and they are captured the day resets. If they are successful in going the day without breaking the law, the day will not rest but continue threw until the law is broken. Once the convict has been able to reach thirty consecutive days without breaking a law they get a parole hearing,
apart from that only once a year would they be allowed to come out of the system, for a mental and physical check. After years in there, one looses a lot of who they used to be! and in some cases gaining something new altogether!.

Chapter 2


The sound of a tv, seems to be the news, talking about a man, gently wakes me from a well needed rest, this man on the news is wanted in connection with a string of destruction across the capital.
The police have video footage of this man captured from the streets cctv.
the man said to have no restraint as he tears threw the city holding what appears to be a power tool.
as i lay there listening, flash backs from the night before plays in my mind like i'm there again
i can see, hear and smell everything, i see myself running down the street from the police, over car roofs and climbing walls.
i see myself reading a letter, in a office.
the words on the letter... SN1 reactivated.... Subject 001 released......
A photo, a woman, a box.
i hear footsteps, the sound is close. i open my eyes and sit up ,
still in franks place i see. that same concrete floor a perfect job,
Frank had attempted to bandage my wounds and patch me up, bless him
Little did he know bout me.

Are you gona get up now ? Frank asks, I have something to show you.
He holds his hand out and offers me a crutch.

I'm ok, I heal fast!

Not that fast you don't! Frank seriously I'm fine, I just needed to rest.
Look Lution
I look up at him, for a split second, all sorts of conspiracies run threw my mind, how the fuck does he know my name, is he a watcher?, is he an agent?, Can't be an agent he's to old I start to bubble inside n feel a touch of wildness coming on, my vision begins first I start to see things in colours more then detail, right now frank has a light blue glow like an aura around him, now at this point he's pretty lucky i didn't start pulling limbs off, the rage begins to fade the colours begin to fade.
Frank how do you know that name?
Well it says it right there on your pills Mr Lution Grey, what type of name is Lution anyway?
I crack a little smirk, I really don't know I guess my parents where into the theatrics,
Erm would you like to tell me how your not half dead right now? well frank if you try to imagine it, it will only confuse you, you have to see it for yourself!.
He looks at me with a very puzzled face, then looks down to his open hand,
I reach up and took hold, rising to my feet.
Let's just say its complicated frank.
Fine i won't ask, good coz I wouldn't know where to start.
Follow me young man I have something That may interest you.
Frank how big is this place? I have a few rooms spare, he leads me out of the room into a tight hallway, none of which is painted and has flickering lights at each end.
What's the surprise old man? Well I was hoping you could tell me, I found this in the ally when I found you, we walk down into a basement which to my surprise was actually painted and has nice bright lights working just fine. There's a large metal medical trolly in the middle of the room with a black gym bag on it.
Frank walks over to the bag and hands it to me, I'm slightly bemused as to what's in it, I grab it by the draw cord and bounced it like a bag of money, it don't feel heavy and it seems to be only on item, fuck it I draw open the cords and reach in, I have a little feel before taking it out , its cold, metal cold not to big, big enough to fit in the palm of my hand And squeeze it tight taking my hand out of the bag item in tow,
So what is it then? Well frank if I'm right and I think I am, it's a cold metal box,
Well I could have told you that frank bashfully replies.
Yes but the question is frank what's in the box?
What makes you think there's something inside? Well for its size I can tell its not solid and the fact it's got a hinge plus the trouble I received after taking makes my think it has something very valuable inside. frank you got a tool box or something?
Ha he cranks out a loud laugh, what kind of silly question is that? Of course I do.
You just wait right there.
He returns moments later with a small tools box plonking it on the trolly and flips the catches, so what do you need? He asks with a eager grin.
I flip the box on its side and show him a tiny Allan key shaped hole, I need something small enough to getting to that? He takes it from me and looks real hard at it for a split moment, placing it back down on the trolly and then lifts the lid on his box, I'm thinking he got a special type thing thats made just for this box.
Here that should do it, he hands me a pin , a pin frank? Just try it boy,
I plunge the pin into the hole pressing down, a quiet click and I begins to slide open like a match box, I slide it open revealing a small rectangular glass container full of what looks like shiny metallic dust fine like flour,
So what is it? To be honest frank I'm really not sure, a strange tingle rang threw my fingers as I slid it over the glass container,
Frank for now il just leave this here.
I have a safe over there behind the mirror it should be just fine in there!
Frank take the box from me placing it in the safe.

To be Continued

The End

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