The Angel Boy

Drake didn't seem like a man at all, he was more like a teenager. He was muscular and handsome with dark brown eyes and short brown hair that ocassionaly fell in his eyes. He remided me of a less invinsable version of that Jacob guy from Twilight, my mom's favourite movie. But than again he was much more nerdy, he was more frail and looked like the kind of guy who wouldn't fit in with the jocks at my school. He had a nice smile and I couldn't help but feeling a bit jealous that while this like eighteen or nineteen year old got my mom when we could have been watching a movie and sharing our stories of the day to eachother. I stepped down the stairs from where I was getting my sweater and through it on, covering my shivering arms. It got cold at night in my house, something was alwase rong with the heater no matter how many times my mom paid for it to be fixed. I walked silently into the kitchen, my arms hugging eachother. My mom was in a very pretty pink retro dress, she just l0ved retro and had black strapy heels that made her really tall, although she didn't need them. Her hand was holding a bundel of red roses and in her other a vause that she was placing them in. She turned around, hearing my foot steps.

"I was wondering what took so long."

"Where is Drake?" I ask ignoring her previouse comment.

"He is just going to move his car, wasn't sure where to park, what do you think of him? Nice?" She looked straight at me as if she was ready to acctually consider what I had to say. I didn't want to burst her little love bubble so I decided to playb it safe.

"Ya he's cute, bit young though don't you think, he looks like he's eighteen." I said casualy although truthfully my heart was thumping, I hoped she'd get the hint."

"Yes he is younger than me, but than again I'm pretty young looking!" She winked at me striking a silly pose with one rose still in her hand.

I laughed, but only half heartedly, I didn't want to give her the impression I was that happy about this. Just than the sound of the front door sounded from down the hall and my mom raced toward the kitchen exit, placing a kiss on my cheek before walking down the hall to help Drake. I wondered on after her, Drake had allready met me earlier on but after a quick chit chat I had locked myself in my room.

"Hey!" He said, nodding in my derection. "I havn't seen you for atleast an hour!" He smiled.

"I was drwing." This wasn't a lie either, I had quite the hobby of sketching. After my mom bought me a sketch book and a wide range of sketch pencils for Christmas I got hooked and couldn't stop. I had a real knack for it. I had drawn my mom, myself and other students in my class, but my favourite was drawing people I didn't know. I liked to sit in parks and gaze at all the people around me untill I found someone who stood out. Sometimes a homless man, an old women, a little girl playing hopskotch and I even had a sketch of a boy who gave a very strong resemblance of an angel. I had added wings but the rest was the same, angular cheeks, thick eye borwn and a tall leen body that looked as if ready to pounce. He had a very calm look to him, it was what drew me in the most. I looked at Drake and he nodded.

"You like to draw, same here." He gestured to the bag that was draped over his shoulder and pulled out a brown leather bound book from the side campartment. He looked up at my mom and said "I'll join you in a minute babe, let me just show Clouds a few drawings first.

"Course" She said, looking excited that I was acctually talking to Drake. I followed him into the living room and we both ploped down on the couch. He fliped the book open and pointed to a picture, flicking a strand of hair off his face.

"Here, this is one of my favourites." He sais.

It was a sketch of a girl, a women and I realized that it was my mom. It was stunning. Her hair was blowing in her face, as if unexpected gust of wind had come just as he was drawing her hair. Her eyes were soft with light grey shades and her lips formed into a bright shy smile. I had never seen a picture or drawing that caputered my mom better than this one. Light shined on her face and she gave off the feeling of one of those perfect brides on her special day. I couldn't help but smile.

"Beautiful." I whispered. It came out so much quieter than I had expected, my voice small and squeaky.

"I know." He said gazing at me. "You look like her you know."

"Oh god know, I'm not as lucky as my mother, never got the soft eyes she did.'

"Oh trust me, you have her eyes, yours just look more sad." H e said quietly.He motioned to the book that I had tucked into my sweater and that was now floped open on my lap.

"You gonna show me something?" He grinned, breaking the earrie silence. I turned to the page of the angel boy, licking my thumb to help turn the page.

"This one here, it was of a boy I saw in the park, he looked like an angel, silly really, that's why I added wings."

Drake stared at it, his eyes widening. "This is really good, do you know who he is?"

"No, just some guy, he passes often in the park though. I tried drawing him a second time sitting down but it didn't work out, he looked more devil than anything thing else."

drake leaned forward, fliping the pages of my book ti'll he landed on a page that was blank.

"Draw me."

"Umm, I don't think that's a good idea."

"And why not?" He frowns.

"Because you're not easy to draw, I can tell."

"Well give it a try please, please."

"I guess but don't expect it to be that good." I say stiffiling a laugh.

I placed my pencil on the white paper and started with his eyes, I alwase found the eyes the hardest. My hand began to move slowly but with an easy flow. His eyes were dark and stood out from his other features. I traced the first eye, switching from a light shade to a dark, trying to capture the dark mysterious look they had. I switched again to a very light shade, choosing my pencil carefully and began his eye lashes, adding a little extra lenghth for affect. I paused staring at the page.

"It's perfect" he sais. "Just keep going."

The End

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