A clean house and a so called Drake

I'm sitting on our black leather couch in our sitting room, staring into space. There's a a wood table infront and and pictures of people I've never met cover the dusty walls. This room has alwase been my favorite, although it's probably the most tinest of living rooms, it's also the prettiest one.Book shelves line one wall, many of them from when I was younger. A small wooden piano sits in the corner, the only thing that belongs to my mystery dad in this house. A plant sits in the corner and pink flowers sit on the dirty window sill. It's about time this place get's a cleanup, especially the red carpet that covers almost the intire flour. I close my eyes thinking about how lovely this place could be if were just cleaner. My mom had left to work at the local bakery, one of her many unstable jobs she works, and wouldn't be here for another few hours. I stand up from the couch, making my way to the cuboard. As I open it a broom comes tumbling out into my open hands. I lean it against the wall and start going through all of the cleaning suplies. First, I take a bottle of soap that is meant for wooden floors allong with a bucket, a mop and a vacume. I take the bucket to the kitchen and fill it with hot water, squeezing orange soap into it. The bucket overflows and runs down my hands and I stop for a minute enjoying the warmth. Once I filled the heavy bucket and draged it towards the living room I plopped the mop into the water and started to mop. After mopping in all of the corners and also under the red carpet I vacumed and washed the windows, making sure to get rid of any cuboards. I put away the books that had been left on the ground and watered the wilting plants and flowers. Once I had finished I took a tour around the room. It looked great and I new my mom would be happy. After this I made my way to the kitchen doing the exact same thing and slowly but surely I went through all the rooms on the first floor. I feel so proud as I march towards the door, my mom knocking and yelling to open up. Once I opened the door my mom came tumbling in with a bag of groceries.

"Hey Clouds, can you give me a hand, there's ice creme and I don't want it to melt"

She walks in taking of her shoes, than, using her one arm she opens the kitchen door.

"Oh my!" My mother sais, resting her hand over her mouth.

"Did you clean up Clouds?!"

"Yup, and if you think this is nice, wait ti'll you see the living room!"

I take her hand, only stoping to let her put down the groceries. With my other hand I open the door leading to the living room. She gasps with suprise and tears come to her eyes.

"Oh sweety, oh my gosh, this is amazing, oh I'm so proud. I havn't seen this place this clean since I first bought it!"

"Think of this as an apollogy for what happened yesterday. Now, what do you say we watch a movie tonignt?"

My moms smile falters.

"Or mom if you don't want to watch a movie that's ok, we can just hang out or something?"

"Oh hun, I wish, but..but..we'll, drake is coming over."

"Who's Drake?"

"We'll remember how I told you that one night that I had been seing someone who I had a bit of a crush on?"

"Continue" I say fustrated.

"We'll, this is that guy! And he's coming hear to have dinner, so this is not the best night babe but atleast the house is clean!"

I gulp down my dissapointment.

"Of course mom, no problem."

I run up the stairs to my bedroom, not taking a second to look behind me at my mother, after all, no matter what I do, her face alwase paints dissapointment.


The End

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