Sleeping beauty and the bench in the park

I woke up in my bedroom with a warm cloth on my forhead. It's odd,I really don't ever remember getting here. As I slip out from the covers, yawning, there's a knock on my door.


The door creaks open, my mom peaking through.

"Mind if I come in?" I shrug and she takes this as a yes.

"You know I found you lying on a bench in  a park about three blocks away from home."

I frown, thinking hard about how I got from flying into the sky to lying on a bench in a park.

"Was I asleep?"

"Yes" She noded sighing.

"Look honey, it's one thing to come home three hours late on a daily bases but to leave through your freaking window and walk three blocks, leaving me to find you in some park,now that's pushing it."

I stare down at my hand and play with the hair elastique on my wrist, bending and stretching it.

"Babes, pay attention"

"Oh sorry, look mom I'm really sorry and next time i'll ask if I want to go out first."

My mom looks shocked, she rubs her forhead deciding what to say.

"Well, I can tell you, I had a whole lecture prepared but I really didn't think you woud just go out there and say sorry like that!" She laughs smiling.

I don't know how to react, I don't like talks like this with my mother, it makes me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

"Do you want anything to eat than?"

"No, I'm fine thanks"

My mom smiles and kisses my forhead.

"We'll than, I guess i'll leave you to it."

She leaves the door opened, something that annoys me so much, and than walks down stairs. As I listen to her footsteps I wonder what it's like to be my mother, how it feels to have a child like me. It's probably a lot easier than being me. I crawl back into the cover, pulling the covers up to my chin. My eyes flutter close and soon I fall into a very deep sleep.




The End

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