The Funny Idea That Grew Inside Clouds Head

This is the story that I want to turn into a collab

This is not a story. This is me, it’s me and only me.

I am not any different than any other girl. I don’t want to tell you anything about me yet, I want to make you picture me the way you think I look. We’ll make my name Clouds, and until I decide you are worthy enough to know everything about me you’ll just have to do with Clouds. Me, begins with a song on the radio, A song I’ve heard a million times in my life. I don’t know what it’s called, I have no idea where I remember it from but I know that I have heard it many times. Along with a sad depressing but yet inspiring song playing in the background of this first scene we’ll add some trees. Let’s make it lightly snowing and the trees are still red from fall. I’ll be wearing a dark brown jacket with a red scarf. Don’t forget the tears streaming from my face, since this is me we’ll make me like a fairy tale, long blonde hair, some incredible green eyes, we'll make me look stunning. So I’m walking along a never ending beautiful road when I look up and all the sudden, despite the tears I smile. It’s the biggest smile, my teeth gleaming white. But the funniest part about this scene is, I’m in heaven.


 The Funny Idea That Grew In Clouds Head.



I’m walking along a road that leads to my house, it’s long and narrow and on either side are redbrick walls from the houses. It smells hot and the air is  thick and feels uncomfortable.. Smoke hovers over the small houses and the sky is dark and rainy. My bag is heavy thanks to my science teacher who knows nothing but handing out papers when it comes to school. Her name is Miss Newton, she isn't mean or kind or anything really, infact I don't quite recall her ever speaking a word to me except for the one day when Joey put a frog in her purse. She had nearly touched the cieling jumping in fright and it was my nature to laugh, but of course she diden't find it funny at all and sent me to the principals office just for laughing at her. Miss Newton never found out it was Joey and although she's never spoken to me about it again, I can't help but feeling she thinks it was me. I am in nineth grade, fifteen years old to be exact and I'm not all that bright. Some would call me odd while others like my mother would say I'm special or unique, but the truth of the fact is I really am a wierd girl. Everyone thinks when they first meet me that I have a mental disorder and alwase ask my mother about it when they think I am not listening but I don't have any mental disorder, atleast not that my mother has relized. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be normal, to have friends, to be the girl that everyone thinks is smart, funny or nice. The problem with me is that even if I were smarter then every single girl or boy in my class, no one, and I mean no one would acknowledge it because I'm the girl who doesn't talk, doesn't laugh and doesn't even smile.  I start skipping towards the brown apartment building where my mom and I live, it's ugly with grey windows and it's very small. We don't have much money but the inside isn't that bad. I can smell something like pie drifting from the cracked open window. I take the back exit and open the glass door, pushing the second white door open. I step inside the laundry room, placing my bag against the door and slipping of my boots. I pull of my brown leather jacket and hang it on the hangers that are attached to the wall near the small glass window. I walk through the hall, creeping into the kitchen I see my mom, she's got pie in the oven like I thought. Our kitchen is funny looking, my mom likes it though because she says it's retro and it makes her feel like when she was a kid.My mom is wearing a red apron and is singing to a beetles song playing on the little radio beside the fridge. Her long blond hair is brushing her back as she swings around the kitchen.

I clear my voice and let out a quiet "Mom".

She turns around to face me and smiles.

"Hello babe, how was school?"

I frown and let out a small grown, I then turn towards the hallway and make my way up the creaky stairs towards my bedroom. I can see at the back of mind, my mom staring at me in disapointment, her face crumbling with sadness. I reach for the handle of my bedroom door and slowly open it to have a cold breeze hit my face. The window has been left open and I move towards it to look outside, taking a quick tour of my room. It's very wight with little accents of light rosy pink. The wall paper is peeling and it feels terribly empty, but that's suitable for someone like me, after all I am quite empty to. Since my window is quite high I stand on my tippy toes, peering out at the quiet street. There is a small belcony type thing near my window, a perfect use for climbing out of my room. I grin thinking about this and then without giving another minutes though I climb through the gap and jump onto the belcony. My feet slide downwords in my shoes as I edge towards the fire escape. There is a knocked over plant lying on the groud, broken clay liying around it. I slide onto the metal ladder that leads down to the ground, pressing my hands against the sharp metal. When I reach the bottom I laugh and start running,my feet thudering down on the pavement. I pass an old lay hanging laundry on a close line as I turn a sharp corner. I'm running so fast, no flying. Yes I'm flying towards the sky where I can escape life on earth and be happy, be normal, I'm soaring so high that I almost forget that I'm imagining this, that I'm still outside my house.



The End

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