The rising sun held a warm, summer’s glow over the dew soaked ground. The waltzes began to dance, the cars began to bump. A noise of machines awakening filled the fun fair. Fluffy clouds of pink and blue rose up as the sweet candy was prepared. Machines purred as the hot, sticky sun bared down, with the clowns that were once menacing, smiling politely in their cartoon way while rainbow colours gleamed like brand new. The fun fair was alive.

A mass of shadows sprinted, skipped and sped towards the fun fair. Children holding hands, parents reminiscing of their child hood friends, when the fun fair came to town. Music soared high into the sky and the machines roared with happiness as they were in use again, creating a deep, steady beat. Dancing, bumping, grabbing and shooting, machines that love their jobs.

A lone girl approaches, walking. With the sun gleaming behind her, her forgotten coat around her waist. Here for another day of fun.

The End

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