Washing Vinyl's

Staring down at the record player and the type writer, I realise a good clean is really necessary, as the dust settles on the clean crisp pieces of paper I'd taken out earlier.  Gingerly picking both up I make my way to the kitchen.  My dear wife has all sorts of wonder cleaners in there. 

Looking up I note with satisfaction that the door is still closed, then nearly trip over the box of vinyls on the floor.  Damn, forgot about them, I'll fetch them as soon as I put this lot down.  

As I enter the kitchen I look at the counter tops wondering which one I should put everything on, I know that if I get the wrong one I'll never hear the end of it, in the end I decide I'll be same in the laundry, so put everything on the  counter.  Turning, I look a around for a duster, remembering the box of vinyls in the passage, better get them too before someone trips. 

The box is threatening to fall apart, so I carry it with both hands, wondering how I can clean them quickly.  I really need to be writing, can I do them in the dish washer, that may be the easiest, as it should wash, rinse and dry them in no time at all.

The End

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