Music, My Muse

I stand in the lounge looking at the wall unit, the modern T.V., the DVD player under it, under that the Video player.  To the left is the surround sound system and the Sky box, and some other computerized box.

I open cupboard doors, but all I can find are the CD's and DVD's this modern age has brought us.  I know I saw the record player and the old vinyl's somewhere, ah yes downstairs in the cupboard, where I found the typewriter. 

I check the CD's hoping I don't need to go down stairs again, that maybe there will be something here.  Yet knowing I've not bought anything for those new machines, since they invaded my home.

As I stand, a high shrill sounds that darn telephone is going again.  I walk slowly, hoping it'll stop before I get there, or the machine might pick it up instead. Deep in my thoughts, I nearly walk into the open door, I though I had closed it earlier, yet it stood open the blackness down the stairs greeting me. 

I switch on the light, and go down the stairs, as I go to the cupboard, I stare at the boxes left on the floor, hoping no praying I'll find them there. Moving boxes here and there, to see what's in the one beneath. 

At last I find a box with a few vinyl's, the dust though has crept in everywhere, before I can use them they'll all need a wash, I wonder if I can use the dishwasher or not.  I move the box to the top of the stairs.

I open the cupboard door once more, looking to see if the record player is near, alas no, it's right at the bottom of boxes.  I slowly start unpacking once more, not caring too much what is being stacked in piles. At last I can pull it out of it's hiding place.

Nearly falling over boxes, I place it on the top step, then try to quickly restore the mess that I've made.  Pushing boxes in here, and there, with toy's and other things hold them firm.  Hoping the whole lot will not come crashing down on my head at any moment.  At last with a squeeze the last box is in, and I quickly shut the door.

Picking up the dusty player, I hear a noise of something moving, yet dismiss it, upstairs, I turn out the light, this time making sure the door is closed properly.  Next to the type writer I place the player, then go to collect the box of vinyl's too. 

Happy that soon I will be able to work.

The End

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