The Frustrated Writer

Please join me in this story of a writer trying to get ready to write (but never quite getting that first page written).

Three months and the novel must be typed, boxed and in the mail.  I had six months to meet the deadline just a few days ago.  Time can slip away, but I am thankful that the clock is ticking.  I work best under pressure.

Do I dare risk the time sketching out an outline?  I suppose I could, but I am afraid it's too late for such luxurious creative time.  No, I best be readying the old work space.

The laptop's fixed up with Windows 7 and the new Word I just installed ... oh my, nine months ago.  I better check to see if my version is obsolete.  But first, some tea, Earl Grey maybe, or possibly, a bit of Orange Pekoe.


The End

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