Trust should not be in my dictionary

“So, do you trust me yet?”

“How do you know my parents?”

Stern smiled at this.

“I work with them.”

I looked at him closely as he said this and after doing so, I started to walk up to his car. Stern smiled again. This was starting to give me the creeps; he seems to smile to everything I do or say. I let that thought fish its way to the back of my brain. I have more important things to think about.

I walked up to the left-hand side of the car and just stood there.

I waited till Stern saw what I was doing. He smiled again and opened the door for me.


The whole journey to wherever we were going, I saw more and more of Stern; the way he spoke made me feel secure like I was with close relatives and the way he looked at me, it made me feel important…no, it made me feel acknowledged, I don’t normally get that impression when I’m around people who are older than me.


Stern cut off the ignition and turned to me. His facial expressions changed. He looked at me in such a way… it looked like he wanted to eat me, no it looked like he wanted something from me and he was DYING for it.

The End

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