The Stranger

I just walked out of the shop when the person who had been staring at us all day opened the door of the weird car and stepped out. I tried to act as if I didn’t see that movement and started to head to my right when the driver spoke. 

“Can i have a word with you, Mia Sternward?”

I would be lying if I said I didn’t jump at the sound of my name. I immediately turned to face the person only I must have forgotten to move my legs or something as I ended up twisting my legs and nearly falling over. The man caught me so swiftly it was like a dance move and like he was expecting it. I went back into my standing position and was about to ask him who he was and how he knew my name…

“My name is Stern and please don’t be frightened of me, I’m not here to harm you in any sort of way. I just need to have a word with you.”

I swallowed loudly and thought about what he said. I had two choices; trust him and stay-put and tell him what he wants to know or to run for my life. I decided I would go with the third option; stay unless something seems out of the ordinary. To my amazement he seemed to be able to either understand my facial expression or to have the ability to read my mind as he started to smile. It wasn’t the evil smile; it was an understanding kind of smile.

“You can have as much time as you want to think about whether or not you trust me. Would it help if I told you I know your parents?” I shook my head in disagree.

“Oh. Does it help if I told you my plans?” He is one by one answering my questions that are in my head. I had to stop him before he got all the questions answered. I nodded.

“Okay. I need to ask you some very important questions that only you can answer. I was intending in asking you to get in the car where it is more comfortable but I must have forgotten about me being a stranger to you…”

“Stern. Who are you?” He seemed relaxed after I said this but that shocked me. “Does it really matter who I am?”

I nodded again. I was starting to feel a little dumb just nodding and shaking my head. He was about to answer when his phone rang. He kept his eyes locked on me whilst he spoke into the phone. I had my hands in my pockets so I started to slowly fish my phone. I found it in the secret compartment of jeans. As I waited for Stern to finish talking on the phone, for the first time in our, what seemed to me like hours of talking, I saw what he was wearing and how he looked like in detail. He was reasonably tall, around 20 years of age, wore a basic blazer, tie and shirt. He was quite good-looking with his dark brown short hair and his dazzling brown eyes. I wouldn’t say he was date-able but that would just be because of his age and maybe because I’m still not sure I can trust him.

The End

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