I work as a part-time at a dry-cleaning store. Not somewhere a glamorous female-dog would like to work at but I get paid well so I don’t personally mind. The manager is never at work so most of us (workers) just slack around when there aren’t any customers. Today was like any other day, most of the customers were our regular customers who are mostly all in their 50’s with lots of time to spare and money! You see when I said time, I meant LOTS!  They have time so in thought they would be able to do their own cleaning but they have time to talk and not do. Although I said today was like any other day, I did see a really weird car outside with a passenger who wouldn’t stop looking at us. I placed that thought behind me and continued to listen as hard as I could to what this old lady standing in front of me, was talking about. I think it’s something to do with her husband going off with another woman, or something along the lines. I started to think about series three of ‘skins’, my favourite tele programme.

The passenger of the weird car is still staring at us. That person reminds me of John only different. I ignored it once again but it was making me self conscious to such a point I was starting to knock things over. The old lady standing in front of me who was talking about her husband stopped and looked at me.

“Darling, are you feeling okay? You look a little paranoid. Is something the matter, is that folder in front of you annoying so much you keep dropping it on the floor?”

I was a little surprised she was that concerned about me. I just smiled and nodded back at her before I walked to the back of the shop to see whether her clothes have finished being cleaned, basically an excuse to stop thinking about the car outside.

The End

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