This is my favourite subject, or should I say the only subject in which I don’t fall asleep in!

Johns looking at me again…oh no! I guess some things just don’t change.

“Mia! Come over here!” This is Louie. She’s my best friend since forever.

I started to walk towards her and the big crowd of people and sat down on the floor next to her. Before I could say anything Mr Snail our all-time favourite drama teacher spoke.

“Morning class! Missed me during your summer holidays? Okay, late slips in now please before we start.” I took mine from my pocket and started to get up when John grabbed it from my hand and handed it with his. He smiled at me and walked back to his friends who didn’t seem to have noticed that smooth action. Of course Louie saw what happened but all she did was give a little giggle and got lost in conversation with Alrissa. They were talking about the new student coming in today. I wonder whether it was a boy or a girl. Oh well, it’s not like it would make a difference to me.


We did some romance play from this guy who we have never heard of, we were in groups of three and me, Louie and Fred got put together.


I had to play the woman who was in love with [Fred].

There was a scene in which we had to kiss and so most of the groups made couples do the main parts but as our group didn’t have a couple, I got stuck with kissing Fred. Other drama teachers don’t normally do scenes like this but Mr Snail ALWAYS finds something with kissing scenes or with some romance in it. He said a good actor or actress can do anything as long as they are GOOD. Basically he wants to push us to the limit!

At the end of the first lesson of the two, we performed the piece to the whole class and Mr Snail assessed the work and gave us a grade at the end of the double lesson.

Even though it was awkward at first to kiss Fred, after we did it a few times, it felt like it was just another ordinary part of the piece. When we performed to the class I was surprised to see some of my classmates shed a tear. (The scene we did was a scene in which the loved-up couple had to be separated and the maid-Louie had to pull me away from Fred)

I was also surprised I was able to shed a few tears; I guess that was what made them cry. We were the last group so we got our results straight after. All three of us got A’s! We got told the only reason we didn’t get A* was because Fred giggled a little after the kissing scene but I was still very happy with an A.

The bell rang so me and Louie walked over to the big group of people and headed to the Quad.

The End

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