The Fruit of Knowledge?

Oh no! New school year and still I am on my over-sized, double bed and STILL not up to get ready for the brand new day. You can’t really blame me, I mean, I’ve always been late for school and well, let’s just leave it at that.

“Get up! Get up! Get up!”

I slammed my alarm clock and it landed on my head.


Okay, I’m finally awake. I got out of my bed and heading to my bathroom. I turned the shower on and stuck my head in. This, as you might have figured out by now is my daily routine. Not the oh! Let’s get up one hour early and splat powder all over my face and make myself look like a prostitute or make my hair look exactly like Barbie’s.

Hi, my name is Mia Sternward and I’m 15. I go to an ordinary school with ordinary people around my age. Sounds so fascinating! Anyway back to my story about my daily routine…

I blow dried my hair and then I put it into a messy bun and I held that in with some pencils. I grab my bag from my bedroom floor and off I go to my awesome kitchen.

It’s empty, as usual so I grab an apple and out the back door.

[NO, the apple isn’t the fruit of knowledge! If it was then we humans would be cleaver!]

Anyway… I arrived at the school gates and already I could hear the familiar voice of Miss Waters at the front of school.

“Ah! Guess who it is! Miss Sternward late again! Why does that not surprise me? Here’s your slip already written for you and do you know why I have it already written? I sure hope the excuse for this year isn’t going to be ‘my mum forgot to wake me up’ again. I heard from your English teacher last year-Mr Donald that you have a rather creative mind. Please use that creative side of yours to think of a better excuse for tomorrow.”

I grabbed the slip and gave her my cheesiest grin and she did the same.

I didn’t even bother to head for my tutor room and just headed to my first lesson.

Suddenly on the way… NO I didn’t find the fruit of knowledge!

I realised I don’t have my new timetable!

So I headed to the office. Mrs Earl saw me and immediately got a piece of paper from under her desk and waved it at me. I smiled and headed to my first lesson. Drama.

The End

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