Jason and I practiced a little. Because of me being human before, I hadn't known how to capture prey. I'd needed to get taught.  I followed all of Jason's Directions to make sure of that.

    I tried my best and Jason let me enter the garden first. I wasn't able to figure out how to get back, so I'd just look for everything familiar. I walked into the Garden and sighed.

    I looked around for small animals I could capture. I stumbled upon a rat looking animal, or so. I sighed and Tried pouncing. When I hit it, it shrieked. It looked at me and I heard a POOF in its direction. "Why the heck did you do that!?" It yelled, now a handsome boy with rat ears and a rat tail. 

"Are you one of the players?" I ask the rat boy. He blinks. "Players? What are you talking about?" I looked at the boy and blinked. Did Valentine mention any rogues here? I thought to myself. "Um... nothing. Never mind. It was just something a 'Friend' mentioned." I sigh.

"So, rat boy, what's your name?" I ask him. The boy sighed. "For one, I am a mouse, not a rat, and for two, it's Adobaisu." I look at Adobaisu in the eyes. He looks back at me. "What's with that face? and why are you not in your original form?" Adobaisu asked me, as I ignored. "Sweet! My name's Auna. Nice to meet ya!"

     I set my paw out and Adobaisu looks at me, confused. "Why is your paw-" I cut him off. "Shake it!" I demand. He sighs. "Fine..." He sets his hand over my paw and I shake it. He blushes a little, of which I don't notice, and I sat back down. He turns to a mouse again. I smile. 

     Jason walked around the area and saw me. It seemed as though I was talking to myself to him. He walks over to Adobaisu and I. "Why are you talking to your food?" He says, spying a mouse in front of me. "He is not food," I announced. Adobaisu looked  at me. He turned to his original form. "I am no ordinary Mouse. I am a mouse demon," Adobaisu. Jason glared at Adobaisu. Adobaisu Glared Back. "Well..." Jason spoke.

"I'm Adobaisu, nice to meet you, i guess." Audobaisu spoke. Jason smiled. "I'm Jason! Nice to meet you too!" I was relieved. I thought they'd fight. Like the cat and the fox in that story I read... what was the story again? Miro and Jason? Well, what I thought was funny was the fact Miro was the fox and Jason was the cat. The Jason I know hates cats... I laughed a little.

     Jason and Adobaisu looked at me. "What's so funny?" asked Jason as I reply, "You're a cat in a story!" I laughed. Jason pulled his ears back. "I hate cats..." He whispered. Adobaisu nodded. "I hate cats, too. Hey Jason wanna go eat the next cat we see?" Adobaisu joked. "Yeah!" Jason replied. 

I looked at them. Aren't mice and foxes supposed to hate? I sighed. "Look a cat! Go eat it Jason!" I yell, playing around. Jason looks at where I pointed. "That's a bush, ain't no cat!" Jason fell for my trick, which wasn't meant to trick anyone. "Jason you're stupid! hahah!" Adobaisu yelled. I sigh and walk away, slowly and quietly as I watch Adobaisu turn back to a mouse.

The End

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