The prey Game

     As we headed out, I noticed that we were walking in a different direction than the cabin was located. I don't ask and just keep walking. They then announce that there is only one way to get food here and that is to capture or to provide it ourselves.  I look at them like they're crazy and realize they are not kidding. I sighed and groaned. Jason looks at me and tells me that he'll help me out with the gamish thing. Valentine says,

     "It's called Capture the prey. It's a little game us creatures here play. Think about this, you catch something, ya own it, or finders keepers unless another's prey." I nod as I reply, "Okay. I see." "And you have ten minutes to head out. Jason, you teach her before we head out." "Okay," Jason says in agreement. "Now, you must be back here within an hour. Jason, you head out if she hasn't returned within an hour," Valentine tells everyone. "Oh and one more thing, you must be in animal form the whole time. No weapons. Oh, and if you run into someone, ignore them unless you are catching the same prey. This is originally played by over twenty groups and fourty people, so I've invited a few other creatures that I know, however they're already in the small garden here. There will be demon camras videotaping you. Don't worry, they only take videos. Now, Jason, teach her before you enter the garden. Oh, I forgot, the garden's name is The Bloodstream garden, so you'll see a lot of blood red plants and the water looks bloody. Okay you may begin!"

The End

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