When we walk to the training grounds, or formats, I look around. "This place, is weird..." I said. Everything was so strange. The animals looked so strange. It was like I was in an imaginary world. Everything was black and pink. Valentine poked me to see if I was still awake. "Please, do not poke me," I said. "Good you're awake! Now, let's begin your training!" She said. I guess I had been staring off into space. "Huh? Uh okay," I replied.

     We begin our training and Valentine says, "All right, put your hands out in front of you and concentrate." I do that and she immediately comes to help me. "No, not like that, but like this." She shows me how to do it correctly in an example. "Arms hands like this," She tells me. "Okay. Okay. I've got it," I reply and copy what she does. Jason just sits, watches, and laughs at anything I do wrong. "Jason, does she know?" Valentine whispers. However, I could still here her. "Nope she does not!" Jason replies.

     "So, uh, What exactly don't I know?" I ask. "Gahh She heard us!" said Valentine. "You don't know nothing!" She said. "Valentine, we could tell her If she wants to know, but first, She'll need to finish all training she has," Says Jason. Valentine nods. Valentine continues to teach me how to change.

    "Put your hands like that again and concentrate. After you're done, we'll eat dinner. You have more training than just transforming," said Valentine. "Okay," I say and do as she says. My heart glows and I glow. I turn into a fox and into a human again. "Now we can eat, correct?" I ask and Valentine nods.

The End

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