The Stars, the Sky, and the Natsumi Forest

     I looked around. "What? w-where am I?" I noticed everything was darker. Everything was black and white. I open my eyes, waking up. "A dream?" I mumble. My eyes widen and I look at Jason. He dozed off, too. I look at the sky. "Beautiful," I whisper. The stars that are out tonight shine so brightly. The sky looks Beautiful tonight because of the stars. A shooting star passed by. I don't think I've ever seen one. Jason opens his eyes and twitches his ears. "Hmm? What? Well, now I can't call you sleeping beauty because I'm the one who slept in..." Was he really thinking about that? And sleeping beauty? Hmm... "Well I guess you're sleeping beauty," I said and Jason totally ignored me. "Look at the sky..." he mentioned. "...and the stars..." I look at Jason. I shoot him a puzzled face, but he dodges it. "Why are you dodging my attacks?" I asked. "Dodging your attacks?" He finally looks at me. "What attacks? All you're doing is shooting me with suction arrows." I get a little angry and try to punch him in the face, but trip instead. Before I fall to the ground Jason catches me by my hair. He smirks. "I need to go to Natsumi forest, you coming?" He asks me. I nod. "Wait Natsumi Forest? Odd name." "Uhuh. But listen to this, When it's summer, the whole place starts to look weird. And It's summer now, so I just want to see it. Oh and to enter, you'll need to be small because of the size limit," He states.

     So, we set out to Natsumi Forest, and when we get there we have to pass through a barrier. "So, why did you want to come here?" I ask and Jason taps my forehead as he says,"Cause, someone I know named Valentine Can help us with something." I turn into an animal, again and after that, Jason does. "And who exactly is this Valentine fellow?" I Ask. "She was my Best friend Back when Her and I were little," Jason Replies. We walk through the barrier and enter the forest. We follow the black path and don't say a word.

When we get to Valentine's cabin, she welcomes us in. But, she is in human form... "Wait Jason! If she can be in human form here, I can as well, correct? So, Change me back!" I yell. Valentine looks at me. "Auna, you need to be in that form for training, silly!" Valentine spoke. "Training?" I asked. "Aun- uh I mean Sugar, the reason We came here was so you could get trained to change forms yourself, and not with my help," Jason said, Changing into his human form. "Okay, I get it! Train me now!" I demand. "But Auna, we need to get to the training formats, first," Said Valentine. "Awe Fine!"

The End

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