...Is this really me?

     I wake up one morning and hop out of bed. That must have been a dream... I think. I walk to my door and head out. My mother was cooking breakfast and she yelled, "Auna, Get down here for breakfast!" It seems she didn't notice I was behind her so I say, "I'm behind you mom," and she looks down at me. She shreaks. She grabs a broom and swats me with it over and over, saying, "Begone Vermin! Shoo! Shoo!" I run away as she says, "And stay out!" As I run, I look for somewhere to hide. Then, I bump into a boy. "Well hello there, Sugar," He says and I realized it was the same person from last night. "Uh please, do not touch me," I try to say but only make a high-pitched barking sound. He sets me down. He then puts my face to a mirror. "Look," He gestured. I looked and noticed what I looked like. "I'm a-a-a-a DOG?!" I yelp. Then, the boy leaves. POOF! I hear a sound as another dog comes. "Dog... Dog... I'm not sure if I like that... wait! I don't," He says. "No not dogs, but canines. Clearly the best animal in the world, the fox! Its beloved fur is so soft and smooth. It is wanted by many humans in this world, and now, you are blessed by the great Kitsune as well," The dog kept Yapping, "Yes the fox. The great fox AKA Kitsune. You cannot call them Dogs, but Foxes, so I want you to say it." I look at him, straight faced. "IT," I say and smile. "I said 'IT', which is what was wanted to say," I tell him. "So, what's your name, FOX?" I ask him. He answers, now in a better mood, "My name's Jason however, you may call me Jase. So, What's your name?" I looked at him, and he glanced back. "My name's Auna!" I blurt out. "I see. Well sup Suger," Jason replies. Jason then smiles. A light glows brightly over Jason, and he then appears as more of a human. He looked like that one guy who was just here... that's odd... I think. "What is?" Jason asked and tapped my forehead with one finger. I then glow and appear as a human. "You've just found out, haven't you?" Jason asked. "a-about what?" I wonder. "Oh, nothing, forget about it."

The End

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