The Mysterious one

A short story about a Fox demon and a teenage girl. The teenage girl is turned into a fox, one day because of certain circumstances. They go into a forest called "The Natsumi Forest" because in the summer the leaves of trees shine a beautiful, yet mysterious color. The colors Pink and black or purple and black.

       It all started at my place. Lights grew dim and night came. I couldn't sleep because of my night terrors. I was afraid. Then, suddenly, a black Paw slammed on my window in my room. I was terrified and then thought, wait a paw? That can't be scarce... I then tried looking out my window, however, I was too high to see what it was. I rush down stairs, being as quiet as I can, and walk out the front door without shoes, and umbrella, or anything but my pajamas to cover me from the rain, only now noticing there was any. When I walk outside, I see another person. the things are, the gender is male, he's in the rain, and weirdest of all, he's in a fox costume

     "Wha-what the h-heck dude?!" I yelp, gasping for air. The boy looks up to the sky, in the rain. Of all things to be glowing, there was him! He was glowing! But... I thought more beautiful than strange. His hair was so beautiful. His ears then twitched, like he understood my thoughts. Wait...His ears did what!? He smiled at me as he turned his head. His tail twitched, then wagged.

"Oh It's just you, sugar," He said, as the tail wagged in a friendly way. As I look at him with wide eyes, he says, "Seems you have forgotten... or is this...? Interesting." Before I was intending to reply, lightning stroke behind him and he vanished, at least that's how I remember it.

The End

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