The Fox Demon Fable

A story my two friends, Keri and Emma and I created in our english lesson ^__^

One day, Shippo, a little fox demon was walking down a rocky lane.

He came across a small shrine dedicated to the lighting god. He looked at it for a second, curious about what lay inside the shrine. Shippo approached the shrine cautiously, as though he thought he would anger the god.

He scampered inside, flinging the door open swiftly, his eyes laid on a glorious glistening gem.

Shippo stood in the door way, torn between his respect for the god, and his desire for the stone. But Shippo was a sly fox, he could trick the god with his fox magic. The little fox sniggered as he walked up to the alter with some sort of a swagger. Shippo then smirked as he quickly replaced the precious gem with an ordinary rock that happened to be in his hand at that time.

He stashed the strange stone in his fur, scampering out of the shrine as fast as he could.


Shippo froze in fear as he heard the booming gods' voice call out to him.

'It's mine now!' Shippo snarled in a shaky voice.


Shippo shook his head violently and refused once more. In a desperate attempt to keep the gem for himself, he shoved it into his mouth and gulped it down in one go.

He grinned and ran off towards what looked like a safe hole for him to hide in. As Shippo was running, his body began to feel heavier and heavier, as if he were carrying ten other foxes inside his frail body. The weight was steadily increasing as he sprinted on. Soon, he found his body was too heavy to move, he flopped to the floor, exhausted.

Shippo's eyes widened as he glanced at his stomach. It was bulging, a small, distinct round ball was visible under his stomach.

'Oh no!' The heavy fox demon grunted as he realized he was rolling down a little slope towards the "safe hole", which when he entered it was actually a small pond, surprisingly deep for it's length. He somehow entangled himself in the pond-weeds which lay at the bottom. Shippo struggled feebly, unable to move due to his weight.

By the time he realized what was happening. . . .it was too late.

The lightning god looked over the pond, and into it's depths. Shaking his head, he knew how foolish the fox demon was, he should have known stealing from a shrine was forbidden, but still, he stole the gods' precious gem.


The small gem rose to the surface, the god picked it up and put it back in it's rightful place, hoping that no more foolish creatures would give into temptation. 

Because only the best creatures on Earth, know it's wrong to steal what is not yours.


By Ichigo, Keri & Emma (<-- My friends) for our English lesson. :)

The End

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