Summer Begins

Inspired by the Borrowers/Secret World of Arrietty

It was the summer after my fourteenth spring and everything around me was slotting perfectly into place. I was doing well at school and my new foster parents were very welcoming. But I felt like there was one piece missing for the jigsaw puzzle of my life, I didn't know what it was until I met her. And after I left she kept that little piece with her. 

I leaned my head against the edge of the window, which was rolled down half way. The wind rushing in, flinging my hair around. Smiling, I turned to Julie; pushing a hand through my tousled hair, 'how long until we get to the new house?' 

'Impeccable timing, Joe. It's just up the hill there.' The young woman pointed toward a steep hill which looked more like a mountain to me. Perched on top of it comfortably was a large house and even from where I was sitting I could tell it was in the shambles. 

'It's... big?' I offered, smiling weakly as I stared down at the valley town below the road. The town also, by the looks of it, was in a rickety state of it's own. From the height the car was at on the slopes, I could make out a small church, a town centre and a school. 

Turning my head back to the window, I sighed. The forest beyond the car door flew past in a blur. I was able to pick out small landmarks along the road; some felled logs and wild blue bell patches. 

As we drew nearer to the hill, I leaned forward expectantly in an attempt to catch a closer look at the shameful building which I was to live in. The car pulled into the driveway and I had to close the window as the small rocks on the makeshift road spat at me. 

With the creak of the hand break as my 'go',  I swung open the door and gazed in awe at the rotting house's surrounding area; located to the left of it was a little path which led into the woods, I could even hear a waterfall crashing in the distance! And to the right, another path  made up of stepping stones trailed into a grassy meadow overflowing with cat-tail grass and small pink and yellow flowers. 

Even to a boy; the house had an impressive aura to it. And I felt a little guilty for judging it simply by it's dirty outer shell.

'Joe, we're going inside. Don't go off by yourself!' Julie warned as she lugged a great big box in through the front door. 

'I kno- ...what?' 

The world seemed to melt away around my being as our eyes met. Wide, shocked grass-green eyes connected with my own as the small girl stopped in  her tracks. She  had been trotting down the wooded path, her tangled mane of caramel blonde hair seemed to prickle and raise as I proceeded to stare at her in surprise.

'Hello?' I called out to her, but when I blinked she had gone, 'what was that...?' 

The End

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