The Four PointsMature

Kinda my attempt at a Game of the Thrones type fantasy.

The scarlet curtains of the Kings tent swung restlessly in the wind. Lords and knights stood in a circle around the heavy oak throne that seated the broad shouldered warrior. The King of the Four Points sat bemused watching the woman struggle in his soldiers grasp.

Marcus Flint watched his father kneel before the red bearded goliath. The King looked away from the girl for a second, glancing over his Lord of the Seas, before his eyes went back to the girl who sapt at his feet. Men watched nervously for the Kings reply. The broad shouldered King roared with laughter, his face more beard than skin shaking in hysterical tremors.

"Look at this one Flint, daughter of Richard of the Hand. He was one of the leaders of this little rebellion." he gestured with a massive arm at the crushed castle that lay barely half a mile away, now swarming with soldiers, robbing or raping whoever had been reckless enough to stay  after the King had mounted his siege. The King nodded thoughtfully then flicked his wrist at the girl. "Take her to my tent, have her bathed and supervised. Feed her to." The scarlet clad guards nodded their steel heads and marched the screaming woman away.

The Kings gaze returned to Lord Flint. For several moments, his gaze lingered on the kneeling man, the broad shoulders and strengthened physique of a man half his age. Golden hair that flowed unruly in the slight breeze, Marcus looked the same. The red headed King leant back in his throne.

"It seems that once again, Lord Flint, this land is in a great debt to you." The King said smiling slightly.

"I do not understand m'lord." Flint replied in his monotone rasp, an arrow across his throat many years ago had left his voice with a unique croak, yet Flint made it a battle hardened roar when needed.

"Dont be foolish Flint, my land were indebted to you nine years ago when you dispersed the armies of the Red Wolves from outside my own Citadel walls and now once again we are indebted to you. If you had not arrived when you did, we would have been crushed. And to have you son ride in from the West as you attacked from the East, it almost makes me fear your skill in combat and tactics as much as your enemies must. Now tonight you feast with me, you and your son."

The End

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