The Four Others (Ch.1-4) Naruto FanficMature


So basically this is how it works:  I have four characters at the moment and I've put them all in this.  Generally each chapter is for one character until they finally all meet and that's when the chapters have more than just one of my characters in them.  Much later in I add two more characters.

Chapter One: Enter Mizu (Water)

         Team cells have just been announced and a girl with a baggy, loose, white jacket with a blue shirt underneath and long baggy black shorts.  She has dark brown eyes and long black hair and at her sides are two long cases.  She enters the room.  The Sensei turns towards the doorway.

         “Oh, yes that’s right,” the sensei motions for her to come in, “class we have a student that just transferred here.  What did you say your name was?”

         “ . . . .” The girl is too occupied watching a pink haired girl hit a blond boy in an orange jump suit like outfit.  The sensei looks at the class.

         “Naruto! Sakura!” The two kids pause and sit down.

         “So your name is?”

         “ . . . .”

         “Uh, well okay . . .  my name is Iruka.”  Sensei turns to the rest of the class, “I have just finished announcing teams of three, but due to a last minute transfer, there will be one team of four.”  Turns to the new student “You will be placed in team seven.  The team consists of Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki; a boy raises his hand in the air.

         “I am Naruto Uzumaki and one day I’m going beat all of-” he is silenced by the same pink haired girl as she hits him. 

         “. . . and Sasuke Uchiha.” Iruka-Sensei finishes, “Ok everyone. Your teams will be introduced to your Jonin leader.”


The new girl watches Naruto approach Sakura, “Naruto, you’re annoying”

         “But I . . .” Naruto watches Sakura chase/look for Sasuke.

         “Like she’s really one to talk,” Naruto turns around to find the new girl, “if she had an ounce of wisdom about boys she would stop flirting with a boy who doesn’t want anything to do with her.”

         “You are . . . the new girl,” Naruto said slowly.

         “Oh . . . right . . . .  Sorry I was just thinking out loud.”

         “You’re part of team seven too aren’t you?” She nodded her head, “I didn’t catch your name.”

         “My name . . . its Mizu.”

         “Mizzzzuuuu- what?” Naruto made a motion with his hand.

         “ . . . I don’t have a last name . . . .  If I do I don’t know it.” Mizu replied looking into the sky.

         “Oh . . . hey, hey where ya going.”


         “But we’re meeting our new sensei after lunch.”

         “So I’ll come back then.”

         “Oh . . . okay.”


*First meeting doesn’t go so well with new sensei thanks to Naruto.  Later . . . .*

         “So tell me a little bit about yourselves. Favorite things, things you hate, dreams, ambitions, hobbies, things like that.”

         “You first,” Naruto and Sakura say together.

         “Me? I’m Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and things I dislike . . . I don’t really feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future . . . I haven’t really thought about it.  As for my hobbies . . . I have lots of hobbies.”

         Naruto, Sakura:-_-

         Sasuke- : (   (scowling as usual)

         Mizu: Small smile due to Kakashi’s laid back-ness and Naruto and Sakura’s           reaction.

“You’re turn now, you first.”

         “My name is Naruto Uzumaki -*goes on and on about Ramen*- . . . and my dream is to become the Hokage then everyone will acknowledge me.”

         “ . . . Okay next is the pink haired girl.”

         “I am Sakura Haruno. -*goes on about her favorite subject—Sasuke.*

         “-_- okay you in the center”

         “My name is Sasuke Uchiha -*talks about how he is going to kill his brother and restore his clan crap.*-

         “. . . .   . . . .  As expected.  Last one.”

         “Name’s Mizu. I am 16. I graduated at age twelve, but took three and a half years of absence and worked with a private instructor, now I am starting my path of a ninja.”

         “And a favorite thing or hobby?”  Kakashi asked.

         “I don’t particularly have a favorite thing nor have I really thought about it. But I do hate people who don’t try and who spend all their time over worthless things like trying to get someone who will never want to have them.  Those types of people are annoying and useless just to watch.”

         “Any ambitions?”

         “My ambition is to kill the one who took my loved ones away from me.  As for my dreams I hope to revive the ones I have lost, but that probably won’t happen anyway.”

Team Seven:

         -Naruto= I thought she might have been okay, but she sort of sounds like Sasuke.         Sounds depressed- like.

         -Sakura= is she trying to impress Sasuke with making her story like his? Why was         she glaring at me?

         -Inner Sakura= CHA!! STAY AWAY FROM SASUKE!!! HE’S MINE!!!! 

         -Kakashi= so this is the other one Hokage was telling me about.

         “Our missions will begin tomorrow-”

         “Alright! What are we going to do?! Tell us! Tell us!!”

         “Survival exercises . . . .”

         Team Seven: “What?!”


*Kakashi shows up three hours late and Sakura and Naruto freak out*

         “Now I will give you the instructions. You have exactly one hour to get these                 three bells from me.  If you fail to achieve this before the timer sounds then you     will be tied to a stump and watch me why I eat my lunch in front of you.  Oh        yeah, if you fail you will go back to the academy.  You may use any kind of       weapons.  If you don’t come at me with the intent to kill than you won’t get these       bells.”

*Sakura freaks out about how the weapons are too dangerous to use*

         “He’s an elite Jonin.  Do you really think it will make a difference what kinds of weapons we use on him when we are only Genin?” Mizu retorted.

         Saku, Naru, Sasu: . . . .

         Kakashi: *grin* finally someone gets it.

         “But he couldn’t even dodge my prank, he will get himself killed,” Naruto laughed.

         “Humph. Only the weak speak loudly.”

         “What was that?!”

         “She has a point Naruto.  Class clowns are the first to go, lowest grades, losers.”

         “ERRRR.” Naruto growls getting ready to through a Kuni knife.

Kakashi moves so fast that no one can see him, but Mizu senses where he is going and faces the direction.  The rest of team realizes that Kakashi is really an elite Jonin.  The survival exercise starts.

All of team seven is hidden well, except for Naruto; in fact he isn’t even hidden. 

         “You and me right now! One on one!”

         Team Seven- Sasuke= that idiot

                             - Sakura= *whatever Sasuke thinks ;)*

         “Compared to the others, you’re a little . . . weird . . . .” 

                             - Mizu= that idiot, well it can’t be helped.

Mizu comes out of hiding

         “Alright, Naruto wait a second.  Sakura, Sasuke come out of your hiding places.”

         Sakura= is she insane?!

         “Come on we have to attack him together.  We could have waited but thanks to Naruto we have to do it right now.”  No one has come out, “Come on guys we need to work as a team!” 

         “Thanks for the offer Mizu, but I can take this guy on my own.”

         “You idiot, do you really think that an almost dropout academy student, now a Genin can be able to defeat an elite Jonin so easily?!”

         “This guy is mine!!”

         *sigh* fine.  Good luck with that.  You’ll need it.”

*Mizu leaves and conceals herself again.*

         “You would have done well to listen to your teammate Naruto.  Well you can continue.” *Takes out ‘Make Out Paradise’*


         Naruto uses his shadow clones and does his diversion tactic, but still looses and then gets caught in an obvious trap.  While Kakashi is lecturing Naruto on being able to see through deception, Sasuke thinks Kakashi is off guard.  Shuriken and Kunai knife hit the sensei but it was a replacement technique and now Sasuke’s position was given off.  Sakura runs off to find Sasuke (Who could care less about her, but oh well).  Kakashi catches Sakura in Genjutsu.  Meanwhile Naruto gets caught in another trap.  Sasuke fights Kakashi and does a lot better than Naruto and Sakura, but he still loses.  Sakura freaks out when she sees Sasuke (as usual) and Naruto gets caught trying to cheat by Kakashi.  Kakashi then gets ready for Mizu. 

         “You can come out of hiding Sensei.”

         “So you were able to discover where I was. Pretty good.”

         “It wasn’t hard. I could hear you giggling at the perverted book your reading”

         “ . . . . -_- . . . .  Well let’s see what you’ve got.”

Naruto is tied to one of the logs near Kakashi and Mizu.  And Now Sasuke and Sakura are arriving.

         “I generally wait for my opponents to approach me, but I can see you do the same, so let me make your job easier for you.”  Mizu charges at Kakashi right when she is about to hit him Kakashi moves quickly behind her.  To Kakashi’s surprise, when he is about to attack her from her blind spot, behind her, Mizu appears behind him and knocks him clear across to the opposite side of where she is standing.  Kakashi gets up and looks up to find Mizu staring down at him with her hand around something.  She lets the string drop down and it reveals a bell. 

          “Is that all?!  I didn’t even have to use my weapons that I specialize in. But you made a mistake in thinking that all ninja ranking below you are weak.  Underestimate the opponent and you will most likely loose,” Mizu replied coldly.  “Of course it would have taken longer to defeat you in combat, but the only objective you gave us was to retrieve the bells from you.  I know that you are ranked as a Jonin for a reason, next time we fight, don’t hold back.”

         Team Seven: Sakura= O_O  S-S-Strong . . . .

                               Naruto= O_o   N-N-No Way.  She’s Scary

                               Sasuke=. . . .

                               Kakashi= this one is not bad. Not only is she fast, she is also                                                    incredibly strong. Wonder what kind of training she                                                       was put through?  Who did she work with?  Whatever and whoever                                 it was it must have taken a lot of work.


         “Looks like you got the bell just in time.”

         “ . . . .” 

*Meet around the logs and tied up Naruto*

         “Oh listen to all those hungry stomachs. . . . Mizu, you don’t seem like you’re hungry at all.”

         “Well, I’m not really.”

Team Seven Genins: O_O What?

         “What? I had a really big breakfast.”

         Sakura: “But Master Kakashi said not to have breakfast.”

         “If he told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? Just because Kakashi told us to do something doesn’t mean I have to.  I’m going to need my energy for something like this and it’s not like I’m going to skip the most important meal of the day unless I wish to pass out.  Honestly Sakura do you believe and do everything you’re told to do?”

         Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura: . . . .

         “I’ve made the decision that none of you will go back to the academy.” When Kakashi said that a smile spread across Naruto’s face,

         “Then that means, that means that all four of us.”

         “Yes, all three of you are hopeless, more schooling would be pointless.  Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke you guys will never become ninja.” Sasuke charges at Kakashi and Kakashi lays him flat down and sits on him. Sakura freaks out that Sasuke is getting stepped on.  Kakashi chews them out.

         “What about Mizu?” Naruto questioned Kakashi

         “She passes because not only was she able to see through meanings, and get a bell, she was also able to figure out the purpose of this exercise.”  *All look at Mizu*

         “I wanted to ask you about that from the start,” Sakura uttered.

         “It’s so obvious. Why do you think you were split into teams?!”

         -Sakura= huh?

         “I don’t believe this.  It’s so basic.  Someone besides me state out the obvious!”

         “It’s TEAMWORK!!” Mizu blurted, “It’s kind of obvious like Kakashi stated.”

*Kakashi chews out the teams flaws one by one*

         “Sakura kill Naruto or Sasuke dies!”

*Naruto and Sakura freak out*

         “*sigh* There you two go again freaking out over nothing.”

         -Saku and Naru: Huh?

         “*sigh* Kakashi can’t actually kill Sasuke unless he wishes to be put in prison.”

Kakashi gets off of Sasuke goes over to the memorial gives a little history of what can become of ninja

         “Mizu for the rest of this exercises you can’t help your team; they have to figure the rest of it out without your help.”

         “So . . . you’re giving them a second chance.”

         -Rest of team seven: O_O

         “Yes, I am.  Sasuke, Sakura, Mizu can eat your lunch.  Naruto you may not as a punishment for trying to eat all of them.”

*Naruto groans*

         “If any of you feed Naruto you automatically fail.  My word is law got it?”

After a few minutes Sasuke gives Naruto his lunch. Sakura freaks out.  Sasuke explains Naruto is no good as a liability.  Sakura gives Naruto her lunch but does not with to feed him.  Mizu (still showing no emotion) does it instead of Sakura.

Kakashi appears in front of them angry and starts to create a thunder storm.

         “Any last words!!”

         “We’re a team. The four of us are one.”

         “That’s your excuse!  The four of you are one?!  . . . .  You . . . . Pass.” : )

         -Team Seven: Huh

         “You pass.”

Kakashi lectures them more on teamwork and comrades.  Leave to go home but leave Naruto tied to the log.  Naruto angrily freaks out.  Mizu throws a kunai over her shoulder and it cuts the rope.


Chapter Two: Enter Kaze (Wind)

         “Wahoo! We pass!” a boy shouted followed by the barking of his dog. There is a boy with afro like hair and a girl with really short hair standing next to this wild boy.  In front of them stands a dark haired woman in a white outfit looking around at her new Genin trainees.  She looks up when she sees another Sensei approaching with a boy.  The boy was the average height, had medium length black hair and looked about 15.  He wore long, loose baggy shorts and a grayish- whitish shirt and had dark brown eyes.  At his sides he had two small shields that had four long thick spikes 90 degrees apart and in front of the shields two small folded hand fans were tied to his waist.

         “Kurenai, Kaze has just transferred here and will be a last minute addition to your team.”

         “Oh. Iruka.  I wish you would have told me sooner Team Eight has just passed the test.”

         “Well you will either have to accept him as part of your team already or give them another test.”

         “Hey! Wait that isn’t fair! We passed! We shouldn’t have to go through another test just for the sake of one,” The same boy blurted out.

         “You just learned about teamwork, I suggest you start practicing it unless you want to get you and your fleabag killed,” Kaze lipped.

         “What was that?!”

         *growl . . . whimper*

         -Kiba: Huh what is it Akamaru? . . . This guy is strong?

         “Just stating the obvious Eskimo boy.”

         “Well I’ll leave you with your team Kunerai-Sensei.”

*Iruka leaves*

         “BOYS!” Kunerai fumed.  The two stopped and looked at her, “Make our new team member feel welcome and introduce yourselves.”  The boy with the dog glared at Kaze,

         “I’m Kiba Inuzuka and this pure bred is Akamaru,”  Kiba says and Kaze scoffs.

         “I . . . I . . . I’m Hinata Hyuga,” the girl uttered almost too soft to hear her.  Kaze stared at her for a while then turned to the last one,

         “Shino Aburame . . . .” 

         “Now that that is settled, Kaze would you mind telling us a little about you.”

         “I don’t really think that is necessary.”

         “Well this is the part of the teamwork you were talking to Kiba about just now.”

         “I don’t see how telling you about my past or present is part of teamwork.”

         “Just tell us one thing.”

         “I hate working on teams of worthless people.  Besides shade boy (referring to Shino’s sunglasses) over here and the Jonin the rest of the team seems pretty worthless.”

         “Why you . . . .  I’m going to destroy you.”

         “Oh does it hurt because it’s true?”

         “I’m gonna beat the living crap out of you!” Kiba screamed as he charged for Kaze.

         “. . . um . . . shouldn’t we stop them?”

         “Let them handle this.”

         “But . . . Shino.”

         “It’s okay Hinata.”

         “Kunerai- Sensei . . . .”

         “We need to see what Kaze is made of.  If the boys go too far, I’ll step in.”

         “See nothing to worry about.”

         “Kunerai- sensei . . . .  Shino . . . .”

*Back to Kiba and Akamaru charging at Kaze*

Kiba lays a punch to Kaze only to find his hand hitting air.  Kaze appears behind him and hits Kiba clear across the field. 

         “Is that all you got? . . . Pathetic . . . .”

         “Why you . . . .”

         “I believe you were offering to beat the living crap out of me.  Care to try?”  Kaze says as he about faces.  Kiba gets up and charges at Kaze this time with Akamaru,

         “Human Clone!”  Kaze turns around slowly,

         “Ohh.  Two on one . . . how interesting.”

         “Man Beast Ultimate Taijutsu!  Fang over Fang!!”  Kiba and Akamaru whirl towards Kaze.  “Yahoo! Direct hit!  Nice Job Akamaru!”

         “Ya know it defeats the purpose revealing your techniques to the opponent when you don’t even hit your target.”

         “What the-” Kiba turns around to find Kaze standing behind him unscathed, “How did you, when did you.”

         “You look really amusing when you’re confused.”


         “You idiot, you think that you are the center of the universe and that no one is better than you.  Do not make the mistake that you are the only one who can make clones.  Unlike your clones, which are solid humans, mine aren’t.  My clones are made out of air.  And it’s not just my clones that I can turn into air; I can turn myself into air.  It’s a shame really.  I didn’t even have to use the weapons that I specialize in against you.  Underestimate your opponent and you will loose.  Now Sensei, if we are done for the day, could you tell us.  I would like to return home.”

*Kunerai stunned by Kaze’s ability to fight* 

         “Oh yes.  Meet here tomorrow at seven a.m. sharp to receive Team Eight’s first mission.”

         “Well, then I’m off.  Kiba next time we fight, make it worth my time.”  Kiba gets up holding his side.

         “Kiba- Kun” Hinata rushes over to Kiba; Shino slowly following behind.  Kunerai is watching Kaze leave.

         Kunerai: To move that fast and to be at a fighting level far beyond the Genin.  It             almost seems as if he isn’t human.  He could probably beat me.  I wonder what clan he is from.  I haven’t seen ability like that before.  I wonder if the new girl    the other teachers were talking about would be an equal match for Kaze.  Well at          least he has given Kiba a rival and motivation to get better, not only him but       Shino.  Hinata . . . . 

         “How’s Kiba?” Kunerai questioned

         “His wounds are only minor,” Hinata whispered

         “Okay.  Kiba how are you?”

         “*groan* I’m fine.  Where did you say Kaze was from?”

         “. . . I don’t know.”

         “A man’s past is his own dilemma.”  They all looked at Shino and then at each other.


Chapter 3: Enter Tsuchi (Earth/ Boulder)

         “Asuma, there will be an addition to Team 10.  This is Tsuchi as I hear from you your team doesn’t really have that much motivation, but Tsuchi is as motivated as one can be.”  Asuma looked to the side of the Hokage and saw a boy about 16 years of age he had messy dark brown hair.  Brown eyes and a few freckles and at his two sides were two hammers.

         “Somehow I don’t think a motivated person will get along well with Team ten.”

         “Kakashi and Kunerai’s teams have already accepted newly transferred students even Gai has you’re the only team left fitting for Tsuchi.”

                     -Tsuchi=  . . . . Other newly transferred students?

         “Very well.  As your position as Hokage, it’s hard to argue.”


         “Team ten; meet our newest member, Tsuchi.”


                     -Shikamaru= another team member?  What a drag.

                     -Choji= He looks strong

                     -Ino= He’s kind of cute . . . .  Wait! What am I saying?! Sasuke is the                           number one in Konoha!

         “Team ten make Tsuchi feel comfortable.  Tell him a little bit about yourselves.”

         “This is so troublesome.  Telling him personal stuff is such a drag.”

         “Tsuchi that is Shikamaru Nara.  He complains about everything.  Get used to it.”

         “I’m Ino Yamanaka.” *Tries to appeal herself to Tsuchi*

         “Uh . . . Are you a whore?”


         “Just asking? Word is most girls’ hearts belong to Sasuke Uchiha?”

         “Why you-” Ino punches Tsuchi, or at least she tries to.  Tsuchi stops her punch with the curled palm of his hand,

         “Is that all your got?  Man . . . . I mean Women! You’re a disgrace to my friend.”

         “To hell with him!”

         “My friend . . . . I was referring to a girl.”

         “Uh . . . what?”

         “Girls who think they are strong when they are actually useless piss her off and me as well.”

         “Weellll, *Asuma cuts Ino’s “come back” off.* next is Choji”

         “I’m hungry?”

         “Uh . . . .”

         “That’s Choji for you.  All he thinks about is his stomach.”

*Tsuchi examines Choji*

         “I can see that.”

Shika and Ino: oh no he didn’t just say that.

         “I’M NOT FAT, JUST PLEASENLY PLUMP!!  HUMAN MEAT TANK!” Choji uses his art of expansion and comes rolling at Tsuchi.  Tsuchi sighs and waits for Choji to come closer.  When the moment was right Tsuchi took his fist and made the earth crack and the earth beneath Tsuchi rose along with Choji.  While they were both in the air Tsuchi took his fist and punched the spinning Choji clear across the terrain. 

         “I guess even if I make smart remarks you can’t do anything about it . . . .  But I am sorry, I didn’t mean to attack your sore spot,” Tsuchi said as he helped Choji up, “you don’t leave me much choice if you attack me.”

         Shika: He’s strong . . .  too troublesome, but I guess he could help out the team.

         Ino: S-s-s-strong.  Kinda cool. I wonder if he could beat Sasuke.   . . .  What?! No       way!  Sasuke could wipe the floor with him . . . .  *sigh*

         Choji: No one’s ever apologized to me before after hurting me.  His strength is   scary.

         Asuma: He is the one on the team that’s most developed.  He could become a big         help to this unmotivated team.

         “Alright that’s it for today, report back here at seven a.m. for our first mission tomorrow.”

         Shika: Mission? What a drag

         Ino: Alright!

         Choji: I’m hungry

         Tsuchi: . . . 


Chapter: 4 Enter Enko (Flame)

         “Neji! Lee! Tenten!  Introducing the newest member of our team . . .  Enko!”

Enko enters.  He is a short, light brown haired boy of 16.  He has brown eyes, is tall and lanky.  At his sides he has two axes.  He wears a red and orange shirt and black pants. Gai introduces Enko to Tenten, Lee, and Neji and then leaves the team members to get acquainted.

         “Alright more member to make team Gai even stronger!” shouted a boy that looked like a miniature of the Sensei.  His eyebrows were enormous.

         “May I ask your name?” Enko said keeping his eyes level

         “Rock, Lee.”

         “Lee, you do know that you are like a mini- version of your sensei”

         “Yes! Gai sensei is the greatest!”

         “Uh huh right okay.”

         “Don’t mock Gai sensei!”

         “I didn’t say nuthin’”

         “Yo homey,” *talking to the girl Tenten* “Are all members on this team retarded or at least act like it?”

         “Why don’t you ask yourself that question?” Enko turned to find a boy wearing a beige sweatshirt, black shorts, a few wrappings and a long ponytail.

         “Means a lot coming from a pigtail boy.”

*Neji’s eyes narrow*

         “What? It’s the truth.”

         “That’s Neji Hyuga.  The number one rookie of last year, I suggest you don’t piss him off unless you wish to end up injured,” Tenten whispered into Enko’s ear.  But Enko relished the challenge.  Now facing exactly towards Neji,

         “Hyuga huh  . . . .  Number one rookie last year, man not bad?   . . . And so what happened to that title?”

*Neji’s eyes narrow*

         “What?  Too dumbfounded to talk?  You got a brain in there you pupil-less freak?”  Tenten tries to stop Enko from going any farther with no success. “Well you think that we are inferior to you.  No wonder an arrogant bastard like you is part of the cadet branch.” Neji turns in the direction of Enko and glares like a basilisk “Ooooo what a scary face,” Enko smirked, “oh does it hurt because it is true? Ninja ‘destined’ to be ninja aren’t supposed to reveal their emotions,” Enko teased.  Tenten again tries to stop Enko, but Lee stops her,

         “This may be what Enko wants.  I am not the only that wishes to fight with a genius of the Hyuga clan.”

         “Oh . . . I see.”

         “Do you wish to meet your demise?” Neji replies icily.

         “Let me guess it’s my destiny to loose to you.  Sorry, but it will be me who will win.  I won’t even have to use my specialized weapons.” Neji and Enko prepare for a fight.  Enko charges at Neji, who quickly evades.  Enko catches himself and takes a punch at Neji.  Neji dodges again and hits Enko in the chest. Enko begins to fall but his body bursts into flames,

         “You know it defeats the purpose to waste attacks in front of your opponent unless you plan on actually hitting them,” Neji turns around to find Enko standing a small distance between them.

         “Are you hiding behind your clones?”

         “Who’s hiding?” Enko appears in front of Neji and punches him across the field.  Lee and Tenten look at their new team member with amazement.  They thought Neji’s strength couldn’t even be rivaled until now. 

         “What do ya know? He’s actually pretty tough despite how skinny he is”

         “Tenten you can’t judge a person by how they look!”

         “Yeah . . . I know.”

         “Is this all the power of the Hyuga cadet branch?” Enko scoffed as Neji charged at him. 

         “Seems that you favor close range combat, which means . . . .”  Enko sighed and melted the earth between him and Neji with a swipe of his index finger leaving Neji falling into the large burning crack created.”  Just as he was about to fall in, Gai-Sensei caught Neji,

         “Dynamic Entry!” 

         -Neji= Well, I’m scarred for life . . . .

         “Sensei?! What are you doing, Neji and I were having a match.”

         “A friendly match is different from a deadly one.”

         “Oh . . . that,” the earth began molding and forming together again as if nothing had happened to it, “My fire will only hurt the ones that I will it to.  What would I possible gain seriously injuring my teammates. ” Turning to Neji, “Neji, just thought I’d let you know . . . I’m not a genius.  I graduated from the academy at age twelve, but took three and half years training with a sensei that specialized in my nature.  I also trained with someone else who was also working with a specialized trainer.  That person was a genius and the reason I am this strong now.  This is the reason I was able to be an admirable opponent for you, all because of hard work and my friend.  May I mention that the friend I’m talking about is a girl?  If you can’t beat me, then you wouldn’t be able to beat her.”

         “ . . . .”

         “They say that it is proven that men are physically stronger than women.  She would be a perfect counterexample of that fact.”  After a long awkward silence,

         “You’re not a genius?” Lee asked, with a sudden interest.

         “Nope, just lots of training.”

         -Tenten= . . . He’s kind of . . . cool.*light blushes*

         “Alright Lee you heard him!”

         “Alright Gai-Sensei!  All hard workers unite!”

         -Neji= . . . . -_-

         -Enko= *Sure, why not?* “Yeah what you guys said!”

         “I feel the power of youth bursting through this one too!!”

         “Yay! The power of youth.”

         “Okay now you guys are scaring me.”

         “What happened to your youth?!”


         -Neji= . . . -_- . . . Not another Lee . . . .  At least he knows when to stop

         -Tenten= Oh brother. Here we go again.

         “Uh . . . yeah . . . I’m just gonna head home now.”

         “Report back here at the crack of dawn!”

         “Crack of dawn yeah!”

         “Um, yeah, sure.”  *This is gonna be an interesting team*

         “Hey Enko” Enko turns around to find Tenten, “would there be any chance that I would be able to meet this girl friend . . . I mean friend of yours that is a girl?”

         “. . . .   . . . .  I’m sorry but you won’t be able to.  You like training and want to be a strong Konoichi right?” Tenten nodded, “I have a feeling that the two of you would get along, however, you will not get the chance to meet her.”

         “. . . Why?”

         “ . . . .  . . . .. . . .  She died saving me and the other two that we trained with,”

         -Gai= No wonder he doesn’t have as much youth as Lee

         -Lee= . . . .

         “Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for-” Tenten started to apologize

         “Its fine, don’t worry about it.”

         -Tenten= I would have really liked to meet her though

         -Neji=. . . .  There is nothing more painful than the loss of a loved one. 

         -Gai= the way he wore a smile with Lee and I, I would have never guessed he   had been through any hardships in his life.

         “Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow. . . . .  At the crack of dawn right?” Enko asked half smiling as he turned around.

         “Yeah . . . .  At the crack of dawn.”

         “Sensei, where did the youth in your voice go?”


Please don't add anything on to this story cuz I kinda have figured out what I'm planning for later but I'm open to suggestions on how to make it better.  Sorry but the first chapters are kind of boring cuz all it is is meeting the characters.  Later on are more exciting, I promise



The End

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