The Four Most Beautiful Words

I lied. Well technically I didn't, but at the time I was sure I was deliberatly avoiding the truth, so I think I can rightly state I wasn't telling my current truth. 

I told you I didn't know much about love. You wanted me to know. Your eyes lit up, as you related to me the wonders of feeling your heart pound, and her gentile lips sending your body quaking into euphoria,  this feeling of enveloping calm whenever you see her, and how want to burst in laughter merely at the sound of her voice. 

You weren't teaching me about love. You were teaching me about heartache. I became very aware of those silent stabs internally, that you could never know about. I could only nod with a smile, so glad you were so happy, despite the fact my heart was detaching from my body, and shrinking to a size that made breathing a little harder. It was a slight distraction from the searing pain of my emotions.

I thought I knew what love was, when I felt what was missing and knew how badly I wanted it. So I listened to your stories, and your excitement, and your happiness that I could never feel. Because when I listened, I got to hear your voice, and feel your happiness, and make you smile. 

Then soon I was listening to arguments, and sobbing, and heartbreak. I was there for you. I understood the heartache inside of you. I soppose I may have made a slip in my logic. For someone who has never loved someone, I sure knew a lot about how to cope with heartache.

And slowly you came out from your sunken state, and you reached up a hand to me to help you up, and as a friend, I will always be there for you. 

But you didn't let go of my hand. You held it close, and you whispered my meaning, and you told me of my loyalty, and my bravery, and you saw behind all my veiled pain. You knew your best friend better than your girlfriend, and you felt more joy in my smile than in her laugh. You told me thats when you knew. 

A tear ran down my cheek, at I freed the words that had caught in my heart for so long.

"I love you." 

And then you muttered the most beautiful words in the world. Those four words. And it was that day that I learned the truth of love. It was love, when it was shared with another person. It escalates to euphoria only between back and forth appriciation. And it soared. I found out what love was, when you freed the other side of my heart with the whispered words, "I love you too."

The End

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