Legend has it that eating an angel's flesh will grant you immortality. It turns out the legends are true.

The sky cracked above me as I was betrayed by humanity and by God. White feathers twirled to the ground to land in puddles. My skin was exposed and by body pinned down. My thoughts spun faster than my heart, which was an amazing feat in and of itself. 

For glory's sake, I was an angel of God! How could this be happening to me? I should have been immortal and unable to be touched by humans. But I'm not. I suppose I had to find out that angels could feel pain the hard way. Always the hard way. 

I was a guardian angel of a little girl whose only wish was for her mother to get better. It was such a tragic story, but common nonetheless. I should have known better than to try to grant her that wish. Angels only heal people when God says so. This was the consequence for not listening to God. 

I never listened to the elder angels' warnings about the craftiness of men. I only ever tended to children, and so never saw the evils that took root in the heart of those who succumbed to the devil's will. Immortality is tempting to humans, and they watch very closely for miracles. That's how those three greedy humans found me. I tried to perform a miracle. 

Carefully hiding my wings, I appeared at the foot of the mother's bed. Reaching down with a white glow to my hand, I gently touched her forehead. Using my God given powers, I healed that little girl's mother and put her to sleep. With the household dreaming pleasant dreams, I left the house. 

Everything went black after that. I don't remember the bag going over my head or the chains adorned in witchcraft that bound my body. The last thing I remembered was wondering why God had stopped allowing as many miracles as he had in biblical times. I guess people weren't so crazy back then. I don't remember; I was still training at the time. 

Whatever the cause, I found myself tied down on a bronze platform listening to my own screams. Blood stained my golden hair red and it stuck to my skin. Each incision they made on my body healed within seconds. By all that was holy, I was in so much pain, Christ himself must have pitied me. 

Even so, three hooded figures slashed recklessly away at my glowing body. It was growing dimmer and dimmer by the minute. One of them said something but I didn't catch it. I was too busy being tortured to death. Or, well the closest an angel could get to death. After all, angels couldn't possibly die, could they? It seemed I would be the one to find out. 

Another scream escaped my throat and the lights overhead shattered, sparks flying everywhere. When had I started crying? I had no idea. I prayed to God, to the other angels, and to anyone who could possibly help me. How could three humans have so easily overpowered an angel? 

I had to get free, but I couldn't. Time seemed to slow to a halt when I finally noticed that my glow was completely gone. The tallest figure signaled the other two to stop slashing away. I didn't know what the cease of my glowing meant, but I was so happy to no longer be carved into. I was wrong to be happy, for I made way for the greatest war the world had ever known. 

A knife was once more raised to my flesh. "It stopped glowing. His regenerating properties should be slowed down enough for us to get a chunk of flesh off," said one of the hooded figures. They each wore black masks with a single white streak down the left eye. 

I watched, horrified, as they each took a slice of my flesh and shoved it into their mouths. Without so much as a grimace, all three monsters chewed and swallowed my flesh; angel flesh. 

"How do we know if it works?" one of them asked. 

The tall one pulled out a gun and promptly shot him in the chest. The man, though shocked, was unharmed. The bullet embedded in his flesh, then shot back out again in one piece. The human didn't even flinch. 

"You're not dead!" 

Still shocked, the third man stood staring at the bullet that had just fallen out of his chest. "Seeing as that's true and that I didn't feel anything at all, I'd say it worked." 

Legend has it that eating an angel's flesh will grant you immortality. It turns out the legends are true. 

The End

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