There are four of us and our truth has fallen into legends and storybooks. We saved them once and we are prepared to do it again. When we begin to see the signs that they are coming, we must prepare to do battle. Which is much more difficult now than it once was.

There was once a time when darkness ruled. Every race was enslaved or slaughtered. The angels fought for centuries until even their forces were overrun.

The darkness took everything, shrouding all the lands in evil. It spewed forth creatures born of shadow, which were named demons. All were forced to submit their will to the demons and their Prince.

For time beyond imagining, there was nothing but evil. It destroyed everything. It polluted the air and poisoned the soil. It seeped into the souls of men and drove the angels to insanity. Those that did not take their own lives became abominations.

Though, somehow, one angel regained his mind. He worked silently and swiftly, saving others of his kind, and those of the mortal race. He spread doubt through the soldiers of the Dark Prince, slowly turning them against their master.

Eventually, they launched an attack on those that had held them captive for so long. They were victorious, but only just. They convened as the Council of Light and argued for many weeks. When they finally reached their decision, they were almost too late in stopping the Prince’s next wave of soldiers.

These ones were larger, stronger, tougher, and fought more ferociously. While battles raged and men and demons alike died, the most skilled magic casters stayed hidden. They took some demon blood, for it was made from darkness, and mixed it with some of their own blood, the purest form of light possible. Then they joined them together.

From this unnatural combination, four warriors were born. These warriors were a death sentence, for they were unpredictable, vicious, and gifted with dark powers. They were also the saviours the angels had hoped for; they were strong, dependable and loyal to each other.

We were loyal to each other. We defeated the legions of darkness but were unable to slay the Prince. Some demons sided with us and the Council of Light. They stayed to help rebuild the world they had destroyed. The ones that sided against us, the ones we could find, we killed.

After it was all over, the four of us were ready to be put away, stored until we were needed once again. Weeks passed and the Council had not yet approached us. We went to them, spoke with them and asked them their plans for us. Their choice was a surprising one; they gave us our leave, freeing us from a duty we had thought we were bound to. They did, however, ask that we return when the demons rose again.

We left, and watched the world heal from a distance. The angels left, returning to their world when they thought their job was done, taking their demons with them. The humans rebuilt their broken world and quickly advanced. But they lost touch with their history; they forgot their days of slavery, were unable to recall any battles fought with otherworldly creatures. Even we became nothing but a story to laugh at and with which to scare young children.

But we remained ever vigilant, watching for signs of uprising demons. We blended into their society, lived by their laws, and accepted their punishments. We watched over them, protecting them, because they could not do it themselves.

Even now we stand ready for battle. We, the Horsemen, are ever prepared.

The End

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